Brown returns from Tennessee

Georgia lineman Neil Brown returned from his visit to Tennessee on Sunday.

"It went alright," Brown told Inside Carolina. "I had the opportunity to meet with players and coaches. I also looked around campus at the stadium."

Brown has previously visited Michigan State and North Carolina. He has scheduled an unofficial visit to Auburn Jan. 25 and an official visit to Alabama Jan. 30.

After visiting Tennessee, Brown was asked how that visit compared to his visit to North Carolina.

"I'd say North Carolina had the edge in academics but Tennessee had the edge in football tradition," he said. "Both schools still have good academics and football tradition though. I guess you could say that the visits were pretty much equal but for different reasons."

Neil is expecting an in-home visit from the Auburn coached this week and should see the Tennessee coaches the following week. "Auburn is recruiting me as an offensive guard. I will probably spend some time Sunday looking at film with the Auburn coaches. It really doesn't matter to me if I play offense or defense."

The North Carolina coaches have not set up an in-home visit as yet.

"I have been out of town so they haven't had a chance to get up with me. Right now I'd say all the teams are even."

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