Fraser: 'Nova leads after weekend visit

Most recruits yearn for the special attention given to them on official visits and the endless parties they are paraded to and from. Jason Fraser isn't like most recruits, though.

Jay Wright didn't roll out the red carpet for the Amityville (N.Y.) big man this past weekend and the move appears to have paid off.

Fraser, who has been saying that St. John's was the leader for the past month, enjoyed the down-to-earth treatment he got on his visit to Villanova so much that the Wildcats have moved back into the frontrunner seat.

"I really liked it because it was so different from the others," Fraser said. "It was much more natural and wasn't planned. I had the same plans as everyone else – no special plans."

Fraser made the trip along with his good friend, Curtis Sumpter, and other ‘Nova recruits Allen Ray and Randy Foye.

The other major difference, according to Fraser, is that the Villanova players didn't go their separate ways throughout the weekend.

"Not only was there no separation between the sophomores and seniors, but everyone on the team has their own character and class," Fraser added. "I hung out with everyone because they were all together, and that caught me off guard."

While Midnight Madness at ‘Nova wasn't in the same league as when he attended it in Chapel Hill, he tried to put it in perspective.

"It was good considering they haven't done it in so many years," said Fraser.

One big factor in Villanova having the inside track to securing Fraser's services is the senior's mother, who has always been pro-Carolina.

"My mother loves Villanova now," added Fraser. "They're the leader now."

Fraser still intends to take an official trip to Louisville this Saturday after taking the SAT – and he is undecided whether he will take his final official – to St. John's – on the second week of November.

While the schools closer to home appear to have the inside track, Fraser still hasn't ruled UNC or Louisville out yet.

"At any time, I could commit to any one of these schools," he said. "It could be tomorrow."

But don't expect a decision from him until after he gets back to Louisville and meeting with Cardinals coach Rick Pitino at the earliest.

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