Up Close with Cori Powell, Pt. II

Andy is back this year with his exclusive two-part profiles on UNC's latest football commitments. Today, Part II on the Charlotte fullback.

Click here for Part I which ran last week.

There is a page on the Providence Day school website dedicated to a select group of students' literary favorites. The Art of War by Sun Tzu, a veritable handbook for military battle, is listed as the choice of one Cori Powell.

A player with his ability, coupled with North Carolina's need for talent at the fullback position, Powell will likely need to brush up on his skills in preparation for intense fighting in the trenches.

"The book is talked about in a lot of different movies, songs, magazines and history classes," Powell said. "It is very interesting."

Though later, Powell told Inside Carolina, that was no longer his favorite. Perhaps he knows something the book's author doesn't, and it's doubtful Sun Tzu ever had to try to fill the gap and stop a 6-2, 220-pound projectile with 4.5 speed over 40 yards.

"He's a big kid that wears a size-16 shoe, and he has a little bit of growing left to do," Chargers coach Keith Flynn said. "He's a heck of a lead blocker. A couple of times he did carry the ball for us. He certainly knows what to do with it and he's tough to bring down.

"We're really going to miss him. He's a student of the game with the complete respect of players, coaches and teachers as well."

UNC coaches spent a great deal of time evaluating Powell during camp in Chapel Hill last summer. They saw the work ethic that he brings and his devotion as a player.

"His enthusiasm at each and every practice was just incredible," Flynn said. "His ability to bring others up around him. He plays with a motor going 100 mph every play in practice and he brings it to the field."

Powell's determination comes from inside. He is self-motivated to improve – the type of player John Bunting has shown he prefers to recruit. Powell is particularly hard on himself in order to become the impact player that he dreams of being.

"It's been tough," Powell said. "I've always put more stress on myself as anyone to be a dominating player. I've always thought that I have yet to play up to my potential, even to this day."

Fortunately for the Tar Heels, Powell's eyes were already set on Carolina before his recruitment ever began.

"He's just a great kid that wanted to go to Carolina," Flynn said. "He loves Carolina, and they're looking for those types of guys that bleed that blue. It's just worked out great for him."

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