Quotes from Sanders and Bunting

North Carolina's new defensive backs coach and co-defensive coordinator Marvin Sanders answers questions about his new job and head coach John Bunting discusses the hire.


Opening statement:
"It's an honor and privilege to be a part of the North Carolina program. I think I'm joining the program at the right time. Coach Bunting and his staff are building something real special here. I excited to be a part of it - to take this program to the next level, which I think it's going right now."

On his defensive philosophy:
"I'm a big on effort guy. There a lot of schemes out there and a lot different approaches to defense, but you start with the effort. If we can get guys playing hard, you'll see some exciting football. We'll run some blitz and we'll run some combination coverages, but our main focus is on getting guys flying around to the football."

On how close the secondary is to being at the level he expects:
"I haven't had an opportunity to go to extensively into the personnel aspects of it but I think there are some great athletes here, and put into the right system, which we're going to do, you're going to see some vast improvements."

On his knowledge of last year's defensive struggles:
"I've had an opportunity to visit with Coach Bunting and some of the other guys on the defensive staff and watch some film. I don't want to look back. I'm not the type of person to look back at what happened last year. I think we have the right athletes in place, the right coaching staff in place. We just have make sure we put these players in position to succeed."

On other job opportunities he may have had:
"There were some other opportunities out there, but I really believe - after visiting with Coach Bunting - in the direction this program is going. I think I'm getting in to this program at a time that it is on the rise. I think they have great facilities and great people in place in this program to take it to the next level."

On why he thinks Carolina is a program on the rise:
No. 1 is the atmosphere around this program. The people you talk around the community, the people inside the program all speak highly of Coach Bunting and his staff and what they've done to put this program on the ladder to move ahead. Those things contributed to my decision to come here."

On the co-coordinator title:
"I've had an opportunity to meet with Coach Gutekunst at many different clinics through the coaching circles and I think he's a great coach. So it won't be a problem. To be a successful football team - egos aside - the best ideas and the best situation we put our team in is what's most important. I don't think they'll be any problems with the label of co-coordinator."

On whether or not there was a hold up with him taking the job:
"There wasn't really a hold up. The main point was I had to talk with family and visit with them because we've had a couple of moves over the last couple of years. Anytime there is a change, you're family has to take top priority and that was my first issue that I had to clear."

On who will have the final say among the co-coordinators:
"I don't think it's a matter of who will have the final say. When you are trying to develop a defense, you go with who has the best idea, and that can come from anybody. Whatever the best idea or best thing we can do to get our team in a position to win football games is what we'll do regardless of whose idea it comes from. Whoever has the best plan is what we'll go forward with."


Opening statement:
"We're excited bout the coaching hires here. I've got the best of both worlds. I've got two guys that have had great football experiences. One younger than the other, but both have been involved in the traditions of Big Ten football and traditions of winning. Both have coached and played for some fine coaches. They know how to win. I think they're going to be extremely complimentary of one another ... I'm really looking forward to working with both of them to put this program back where it belongs."

On when he came up with the idea to have co-defensive coordinators:
"It probably struck me when I took this job. I've been one of those. It works. It's a situation that if specifically developed the right way, you can get the most out of coaches that have had either great experience or have great motivation to really develop themselves even further. I think it's a very healthy title to give Marvin Sanders."

On what attracted him to Marvin Sanders:
"They had a terrific defense this year, particularly stopping the pass. I think they were No. 1 in pass efficiency defense. They had 32 interceptions. He did quite well at Colorado State. I'm very close to their defensive line coach, Tom Ehlers, who coached at Brown University. We talked to (Colorado State) Coach (Sonny) Lubick, who is a secondary coach by trade. He was tremendously enthusiastic about Marvin. Other people I talked to in the game expressed the same sentiments that I heard from those two. I like the way his team played against Michigan State (in the Alamo Bowl). The had a great pass rush going on and great coverage and very, very competitive defensive backfield play."

On the qualities it takes to be a co-defensive coordinator:
You've got to be a team player and a good listener. You've got to be assertive but at the same time be ready to listen and willing to work with the other coaches. That's what I see in Marvin and John Gutekunst. I think they are both great team players. They both want what's best for all of us. There is very little ego involved. You've got to have for the most part egoless coaches involved and I think both of them have those qualities."

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