UNC-FSU: Roy Williams Quotes

A dejected Roy Williams addressed the media following his team's loss at Florida State on Thursday.

Opening Statement:

Congratulations to Florida State. After about the first 15 minutes of the game, they totally outplayed us, outcoached us, outclassed us, did everything you possibly can do. It was fool's gold for us early in the game making all those jumpshots and everybody's thinking it's going to be easy. They totally dominated us and he totally outcoached me. Everything that could go bad, went bad and just congratulations to them.

Was it your strategy to come out and take so many threes?

No. Fool's gold.

You seemed to withstand that run in the second half when they cut it to 10 and you got it back up to 18 - what happened after that?

We missed free throws. We missed dunks. We missed two-footers. And they made a lot of shots. One of the things I was concerned about was that they'd been shooting the ball poorly and then they were 6-12 in the second half and overtime from the three-point line. I was concerned that they hadn't been shooting well because good teams start making shots.

How was your defense on Pickett --

We were awful. We were awful -- awful. I hate to be so rude to you guys, but needless to say it's not a happy position right now. Pickett played a heck of a game and he's been struggling in his conference games, but he was difficult for us to handle tonight and when we did get him to miss three times in a row they got the offensive rebounds because we didn't box out.

Do you remember a comeback like this?

I have no memory of anything right now. I just know that we've got to decide if we're going to be a basketball team or not. Everybody in the stands is wearing blue -- and we're all fat and happy and smiling but you've got to guard somebody at some point in your life. But again, they outcoached us, too, it wasn't just the players ... they totally outdid us in every phase of the game including the bench.

Did you find yourself having to remind the guys to stay in it?

I told them 'we've got ball and 54 seconds to play.' We're up three, run an offense, we throw it inside and Sean's got a layup and their guy makes a big-time block. We don't get after the loose ball off it and they come up with it. It's 17 seconds, I thought about fouling at that time but that's too much time on the clock. Then the guy goes over and Raymond falls down. It's hard to coach guys not to fall down.

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