Leroy Harris Interview

Inside Carolina spoke with DT/OL Leroy Harris. IC decided to interview him based on his recent statements on the NCST web page that he may visit Carolina.

  • HS: Southeast Raleigh
  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 275
  • 40-time: 5-0
  • BP: 300
  • Tackles: 40
  • Sacks: 3
  • Favorites: Committed to NCST
  • Offers: NCST, UNC, Duke, ECU

    Inside Carolina: Leroy, are you still committed to NCST?
    Leroy Harris: Yes I am.

    IC : Are you planning to visit any other schools?
    Harris : I might visit UNC and maybe Notre Dame.

    IC: Why do you want to visit other schools?
    Harris: Mainly just to look around.

    IC: What percent chance is there that you will go to NCST?
    Harris: There is a 99% chance that I will sign with State.

    IC: Did you have a favorite school growing up?
    Harris: Yes. I liked Carolina and Notre Dame. Mainly Notre Dame.

    IC: Does your family have a preference as to where you play?
    Harris: Not really. They pretty much leave it up to me.

    IC: What they mind if you went to Notre Dame?
    Harris: Not too sure about that. I know they wouldn't mind if I went to school somewhere close by.

    IC: What made you choose State?
    Harris: I really liked the environment there. That is the place where I felt the most at home. The coaching staff at State reminds me of my coaches here at my HS. I went to Chapel Hill seven or eight times and when I sat down and thought about it I just felt like State was the place for me.

    IC: Why did you decide to verbal so early?
    Harris: I wanted to get recruiting out of the way and focus on school. Plus I was concerned about getting hurt.

    IC: What did the State coaches do, as far as recruiting, that you liked?
    Harris: Pretty much all the schools that were recruiting me were similar. I liked the State coaches because they seemed truthful and I felt that I could relate to them the best.

    IC: What do you like about Coach Amato?
    Harris: Well, he is a good public speaker but mainly he is a lot like the coaches here at my HS in how he treats his players. IC: How many State games have you been to?
    Harris: I've been to all the home games except the Virginia game.

    IC: Where do you see the State and Carolina programs headed?
    Harris: I think both programs are improving. Both schools have very good defenses. State has a great QB in Rivers. Carolina's offense has been inconsistent but it has been getting better with Curry and Durant rotating. They started out playing against some difficult teams.

    IC: What do you plan on majoring in?
    Harris: Business Management

    IC: Do you have specific plans about what you would like to do after football?
    Harris: I would like to own my on business. Maybe a restaurant.

    IC: Who are your primary recruiters for State and Carolina?
    Harris: Coach Pate and Coach Browning.

    IC: Is Coach Browning contacting you?
    Harris: I get letters occasionally.

    IC: If you only get letters then how do you plan to set up a visit with Carolina?
    Harris: Carolina gave me a form to fill out and I could send it in to let them know that I was interested in visiting.

    IC: What would you say is the best part of your game?
    Harris: I'd say stopping the run.

    IC: Do you play offense too?
    Harris: I play OL some too.

    IC: Which do you prefer offense or defense?
    Harris: It's hard to say. Maybe defense but there are some things about offense I like too.

    IC: How is your HS doing?
    Harris: We're 7-2.

    IC: Did the staff at State say when you might be able to play?
    Harris: They said I might be able to make an impact by my sophomore year. It depends on the shape I am in when I get there.

    IC: Thank you for talking with us Leroy and good luck the rest of the year.

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