UNC-UVa: Pete Gillen's quotes

The Virginia coach addresses the media following the game...

Opening Statement:
"First off, you got to keep fighting through it. You got to keep fighting through it. That's my disappointment. North Carolina has some great players and a great coach, but when things get a little bad we have to keep swinging; we can't get frustrated. Raymond Felton is an unbelievable player. I haven't seen Nelson from St. Joeseph's this year, but I can't believe there's a better point guard in the country. Our league has all the great ones, but he's a great point guard and he makes everyone else better. Certainly, they have some tremendous players. We had a chance and when adversity strikes we have to keep swinging. We got a little flustered and hesitant, stunned, whatever; and they just turned it up and they just ran by us."

On his team's performance:
"At the beginning of the second half, we had some opportunities and we just got in foul trouble. Bing, bang, boom, and they made some plays and a couple of times our guys got our of sync and they just ran the ball by us. They run the ball great and we have to get back. One time we scored a basket and Sean may beats us down the court and that's ridiculous; that can't happen and he scored. They run great and you have to give them tons of credit."

Was it the fault of your defense, or is North Carolina's offense that good?
"Our defense wasn't as good, no. They have unbelievably offensively talented players and the play defense great, too. When at home, we play harder, but when things go bad you got to dig down and you have to keep competing. You can't give into frustration. North Carolina is the leading scoring team in the nation, but we didn't get the job done defensively"

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