UNC-UVa: Roy Williams quotes

The North Carolina coach addresses the media following the game...

Opening Statement:
"The first thing I looked at was to see what they shot, and they shot 50% in the first half. I was told they made their first four of the second half and they took the lead at that point. After that I thought our defense did pick up. We started getting our hands up and creating some turnovers, and that got our break going. I think we showed a little more enthusiasm with that stretch. I was very concerned in the first half because I didn't think that we were into it. I didn't think we were flying on defense. I didn't we were challenging things and it's very frustrating. Around here when you lose a game people start to panic. Particularly the other night - a loss like that sticks with you for a long time. I didn't say too much after the game because I was so disappointed. After watching the tape, I think we didn't play as well against Florida State, but they made a bunch of big time shots and sometimes you've got to give the other team credit. If you're in Chapel Hill or Lexington or Bloomington or Durham, sometimes you don't want to give the other team credit, but you've got to give that. I talked to the team about that and told them that Thursday night's game was over and there's nothing you could do about that. Coach Smith told me a long time ago one of his thoughts of the day. Life can be understood backwards but must be lived forwards. I think that early we were a little tight. Tight on the offensive end but on the defensive end we didn't have the energy level that we needed out there, didn't challenge enough things. I was frustrated at that point, but I thought that after the first five or six minutes in the second half we really got after it. We got our break going and did some really nice things."

Did you see some signs of leadership when the score got tied in the second half?
"I'd like to say yes and point out a guy, but I didn't. One thing I didn't see was anybody hanging their head. We kept playing and they took a one point lead, but our guys continued to play. Then we got to a point where we were dying because we were so tired out there, but I told our guys that basketball is an energy pill, so we had more energy than they did. I'm pushing everybody to go go go, and everybody's about to pass out. Then Jackie cuts and Raymond hits him for a three point play. Then we were able to make some substitutions. But we really got to keep pushing. If you want to really get a lead and maintain it and build on it you've got to keep pushing. That's the way I've always coached."

You used 11 players in the first half. Is that because of the quick turnaround or is that something you're going to keep looking at?
"You got to play. Nobody loves Sean May more than I do, but his man caught the ball, drove to the basket, and laid it in so I took him out. It's not a right, it's a privilege to play and you keep that privilege by playing well. I didn't like our defensive intensity in the first half. I was trying to find somebody who would sprint up the court and somebody who would sprint in the post. But again a lot of that was a hangover from Thursday night."

What did you think about the decision making?
"In the first half we didn't get that many break opportunities. I think our decisions on defending their break. The first half we just didn't guard anybody. You've just got to play smarter than that. We had one guy running one play and one guy running another and I think they were still frustrated."

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