UNC-UVa: Locker Room Report II

Rashad McCants and Sean May answer questions following UNC's 96-77 win over Virginia.


You might be the most consistent player on the team over the last 4 or 5 games — do you think you've turned the corner in terms of being able to produce every game?

"I think so — I've definitely turned a corner. I'm just playing better — feeling better, feeling more confident in my shot and the way I play, and I think my teammates have more confidence in me. I've been practicing good all year, but the ball hadn't been going for me early in the year. But I think now — I'm a good shooter, the shot's going to fall."

Did anything in particular happen to help?

"Nothing in particular — just playing. I talked to the coach, talked to the players, got some confidence from them and just played."

What's the attitude of this team right now, do you feel like you're capable of going on a run and winning a few games in a row?

"Yeah, I think we should. I think we felt that way after the Wake Forest game and after the Kentucky game, but we've just got to do it. We can't talk about it, we just have to do it."

Do you think this team has a mental block that's keeping you from winning the road games?

"I don't think so. We just need to put it in our mind that we're going to go out, and we're going to win on the road. I think we can do that."


On halftime adjustments

"For us to have a chance to win, coming out of halftime we had to guard somebody, and I thought we played good defense the whole second half."

What did this game say about your team's character?

"We couldn't let a team like Virginia come in here and beat us after what happened at Florida State — we knew how big it was. Raymond came out of the huddle and said `I'm about to set the tone, I need everybody behind me.' He pushed up on his man, and everybody got after it defensively, and then we opened the game up."

On the scheduling of the games…

"After the FSU loss, you're glad you have a game coming up, so coach can't go at you in practice. You'd rather go out there in the game. For any player, the game's always the best thing. We have a day off tomorrow and then we have to get back after it and get ready for State."

State beat you twice last year — what do you think of them?

"I've seen them play this year, they're still a good ball club. They run a tricky offense, they cut a lot, move a lot, Marcus Melvin's a dangerous player, Julius Hodge is a real dangerous player. Evtimov is back, not playing great right now, but he and his brother, I remember playing with his brother this summer and watching him — they're good. They've got shooters out there, Scooter Sherrill, they've got a guy from overseas who can fill it up, so they're playing well right now."

What has been like since Thursday night?

"It was tough. To tell the truth, during the game, we were like, ‘what are we doing — what's happening?' To be up by 24 and eventually lose by 10, that's not supposed to happen. They did a great job, you have to give credit to Florida State. Last night a couple of the guys and I just sat in the locker room and watched the game and we realized, hey, we're not playing hard every night, we're playing to the level of our competition rather than playing the level we need to play at. We talked with each other, and we know what we have to do."

Are you frustrated with some of the struggles you've had around the bucket in the last month?

"No — I've struggled, but today, I felt like I played a lot better than I have in the last four games. I really didn't play as many minutes, but I felt like I played a lot better….I didn't realize [until after the game] I missed that many shots, but part of it was I wasn't concentrating on that, I was just out there playing, and I think that's what I have to do more of."

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