May talks about his decision

While we at Inside Carolina were unable to get through to Sean May last night, the local Hoosier Times spoke with the newest Tar Heel about his commitment.

He showed up at his first practice of the season at Bloomington North wearing none other than Carolina Blue shorts.

Here are some excerpts of May's quotes.

"I know it shocked a lot of people, because I'd been saying Indiana was my leader, but I felt in my heart this was the thing for Sean May to do, that North Carolina was the place for Sean May."

"When I got back from my official visit to Carolina, it was just one of those things where you know. It's where you belong ... As a 17-year-old, I'd never been anywhere else, to really be around another college much. And when I went to Carolina, it was just beautiful and I had so much fun, that I just felt, in my heart, that's where I belonged. So that's the way I'd felt, pretty much, from the time I got back from that visit."

"But it was just one day I told him, 'Dad, you know I love Indiana basketball. I'll always love Indiana basketball. But, in my heart, I think Carolina is where I want to go.'"

LINK: Hoosier Times: May gone to Carolina

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