Tuesday Hoops Links

Raleigh N&O - UNC basketball coach Matt Doherty knows how he'd like to answer that question. "I'm no football expert, but how far could he fall?" Doherty said. "And if he played, think about the endorsement opportunities. He could be like Bo Jackson. 'Julius knows football. Julius knows basketball.'" (All kinds of people want a piece of Peppers)

NY Newsday - On this day, (Jason) Fraser quietly makes his bed and waits to use the bathroom. He has to move fast. Nine people live in the three-bedroom apartment he shares with his mom, Edmarie, six younger siblings and older cousin. Fraser's mother emigrated from Jamaica when she was 15. She works as a nurse and raises her children alone. (He's The Man)

Basketball America - I'm 23 years old and I write about basketball for a living. I don't know Michael Jordan – I've never met him, I've never spent time with him – but I do know this: The man created the world in which I work. And now he's back. (In Search of... Michael Jordan)

Mercury News - "A franchise player is a player who wins," said Jamison, a 6-foot-9 forward. "You can score all the points you want, you can become an All-Star and things like that, but if you don't win, if you can't make the difference night in and night out, there's no way you can tag your name as a franchise player ... I consider myself a franchise player, but until I start making differences as far as us winning games and us losing games, then there is no way you can give me that title."" (JAMISON'S GOAL: FIELD A WINNER)

DBR - Lang impressed me with his response to Carolina's lower than usual rankings by pointing out that the 1971 Tar Heels was picked 7th and wound up winning the NIT when that really meant something. You don't hear too many of today's players having much of a grip on hoops history, so that was a pleasant surprise. (The Court Master from Operation Basketball)

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