Hansbrough gets snowed in

Tyler Hansbrough's visit to Chapel Hill has lasted a little longer than he figured. With the bad weather, the Missouri native and Poplar Bluff High 6-9 junior forward has been detained and may have to stay over until Monday before being able to catch a flight out of North Carolina.

"He's trying to get out tonight," said Gene Hansbrough, Tyler's father. "They were trying to fly him through Memphis tonight, but there's a lot of ice in North Carolina. He's basically having some extra time on his visit."

Hansbrough isn't all that much different with his family than with everyone else in terms of not displaying a whole lot of emotion. His father said that he didn't go into all that much detail about his visit to Chapel Hill, which included a full weekend slate as the North Carolina staff made it clear how highly they are prioritizing his son.

"He said North Carolina's OK," Gene Hansbrough said. "He's still trying to get all his visits so he can be able to compare all of them."

Hansbrough's first official visit was to Florida. His father also said he'll take a trip to Missouri in early February and he could also visit both Duke and Kentucky.

"He liked Florida," Gene Hansbrough said. "He had a good time. David Lee is a friend of his – they both played in the St. Louis Eagles program. They've done a good job establishing a relationship with Tyler, but I don't know where he's leaning."

"I'm trying to get him to visit Duke and Kentucky, and I think he will," he added.

As for Missouri's chances, Gene Hansbrough admitted they could be seriously affected by the recent allegations of improprieties in the program.

"I just wish there will be some closure," said the elder Hansbrough, who was on the track team at Missouri. "Good or bad. I just wish we'd know what's going on, because you hate to go to a place that has open-ended allegations. But I can't speak for Tyler."

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