Roy Williams' Monday Quotes

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams answered questions this morning on the conference's weekly teleconference.

On the improving defensive play –

There's no question that in the second half [against Virginia] we were more active, and that's the first part I require. You've got to be into it. You've got to have the intensity and that sense of urgency and you've got to have it on every single play. The second half I thought it was more so. The first half I didn't think it was. I've never thought the kids didn't want to do it, but just being tough enough to do it on every single possession has been the question. And you've got to have more pride knowing that it's an extremely important part of the game and you've got to do it all time. Everyone's talked about our running and all this kind of stuff, but if you go back and look, we've had some good defensive teams that not only created turnovers like this team is doing but also kept the other team from shooting a good percentage.

The challenges presented by N.C. State's offense -

It's not the offense that scares me, it's those players running it. Herb [Sendek] now has his players in there. I think it's always a tougher period when you come in and have somebody else's players like when we played them at Kansas. Now his kids believe in what he's doing even more – they're more comfortable with it. They're a veteran team. Hodge, Scooter Sherrill, Melvin – those guys have been around a while. It's not that offense that is going to worry me, it's the players that are running it. …

It's very similar to playing a team coached by Bobby Knight, in that you're going to get screened and screened and screened and you have to be patient enough to keep playing through that. It's the same against Herb's teams that you know they're going to pass and go backdoor and backdoor and backdoor and you have to be patient enough to be willing to play that defense 35 seconds, but if you lose the patience and get antsy, you'll get beat.

Extent he uses Phil Ford as a resource -

We talk basketball, personnel, personalities and things like that and he'll periodically come in and watch practice. But as far as being around on a daily basis and watching tape and things like that, we don't do a lot of sharing ideas, but I have a tremendous amount of respect for him, and his knowledge of basketball and his love for Carolina, so he's a great resource for me. … We haven't talked about [his return to coaching], we've talked about how to guard somebody. … He knows all of our players, but he doesn't deal with them from a coaching standpoint, but has a great relationship with them and visits with all of them when we're on trips. But at the same time they've got four other coaches they've got to listen to also, so Phil's been fantastic for us but he doesn't deal with them on a daily basis in terms of [coaching].

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