UNC-CU: Roy Williams Quotes

Head coach Roy Williams had the following remarks after Carolina's 81-72 loss to Clemson on Saturday ...

"Congratulations to Clemson and Oliver, I have been trying to follow his team a little bit – I think I saw one quote where he said he'd like to have a game where they made some jump shots and things would go a little smoother. They did that today – I think if you asked him he might like to have a few of those shots in some other games instead of hitting so many in one game."

"Early in the first half I didn't think we were into it as much as we needed to be, and yet one time we guarded them for 35 seconds and Babalola jumps up and makes a three with the shot clock going off. Sometimes when one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong and that's kind of the way we're feeling right now. We can't use that as an excuse – we're getting everybody's best shot. Before we played Virginia they were 1-7 from the free throw line and against us they were 20-22 for the game."

"Right now we're the remedy for everybody that has shooting woes, but we can't use that as an excuse. We can't just say that everybody played great (against us) but I really do believe Clemson played great today. They really made some big time shots."

"We get it to 6, and we miss a contested layup to get it to four – we wanted a foul – then they go down and hit a three. We go from a four point game to a nine point game."

"In the first half we didn't do a good job of getting in front of the post player and they kept throwing it inside on us. Then when it did come back out they hit four out of five threes in the first half. We've got to figure out a way to guard the basketball better – to stop dribble penetration better, defend the three point line better, defend everything better."

"We've just got to figure out a way to play basketball better."

On Clemson's three point shooting:

"We wanted every shot they took to go over our hands. Sometimes we didn't get there – one time at the end of the game we had two guys guarding the ball and for some reason both of them run off. We don't do a good job of communicating out there on the court, after 17 or 18 games we should do a better job of communication.

It wasn't that we wanted them to shoot threes, but we didn't feel like they would shoot it like they did (85%) to say the least. We've go to do better."

On Jawad Williams and the mask:

"Well Jawad is just too tentative – you saw that. He has trouble picking up the ball and going after it. He jumps about two inches on his shots inside because he's not exploding upward. I took him out because it wasn't fair to him - he's not healthy. We said in the preseason that we couldn't stand many (health) problems, and we've had some problems. The last five games we've gotten a total of 8 rebounds out of Jawad at our power forward spot. In the previous 8 games I think he had 65."

On the overall pace of the game:

"I don't think we were moving as well as we wanted to move. I think that our defensive end of the floor waws more of a negative for us than the offensive end. We just didn't do a very good job on the defensive end of the floor."

On Sean May's reduced minutes:

"It was guarding the post. I don't pick on one player, if you're stinking it up I don't just take you out. I just felt that at that time he wasn't playing as well as someone else would at that point."

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