UNC-CU: Locker Room Report

Inside Carolina caught up with Jawad Williams, Raymond Felton, and David Noel after Saturday's game at Clemson...

Jawad Williams

On playing with the mask:
"I can't see above or below myself. One time I was able to catch the ball but I just bobbled it out of bounds. Out of frustration I had to take it off at the end."

On Clemson's unconscious three point shooting:
"They made shots, that's all I can say. We made the mistake of putting ourselves in a hole in the first half. Then we came out (after half time) and picked up our intensity, but they made some big shots."

Do you believe things are going to get better on the road?
"You have to believe going into every game that you can win, but we've just got to play a little bit harder."

On the ACC standings right now:
"That doesn't mean anything right now. We've still got to go out there and play. I think we're a good enough team that we've just got to bounce back and do what we need to do."

On the losing streak on the road:
"We've got to come out with better intensity, and today we just didn't. We've got to come together with the mindset that we're going to win games on the road. If not, there's just going to be more long trips like this."

Raymond Felton

On the variety of defenses used today:
"It wasn't a big difference – they just kept hitting big shots."

On Clemson's shooting:
"Everybody will bring their ‘A' game against us just because we have North Carolina on our chest. We've just got to be ready for that."

Did Carolina start the game with the kind of energy you wanted?
"No we didn't. Why, I can't tell you, but we didn't today. We tried to pick it up in the second half, but by then they had confidence and they were hitting shots."

David Noel

On the ACC standings:
"We know how tough it is to get a win on the road, and we really need to steal one on the road every once and a while and also protect our home court."

On Carolina's offensive flow today:
"I don't think today we ran the offense smooth, like we know how to. I don't know why. (in jest) These early morning games aren't good for us. We need to schedule all our games next year for 9:00 at night."

"We just need to learn to win on the road."

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