Curry scores a quiet 47

MEBANE, N.C. -- Is it possible to score 47 points quietly? If you're JamesOn Curry, and your team is blowing out rival Graham, it is.

"I don't even know how many points he had…47? If there was ever a quiet 47, he had it tonight," said Eastern Alamance's coach John Moon. "He had several spectacular plays, but we as a team ran the ball well, created turnovers, and when we do that it makes it easier for everybody concerned."

While scoring outbursts have become almost passé for the future Heel, his 47 points, 5 assists, 7 rebounds, 4 blocks and 5 steals in this rivalry game seemed to fade under the radar as he spent more time on the bench than he has all season.

Eastern Alamance sprinted out to a 22-3 lead and pulled the starting five with over three minutes remaining in the first half. Curry played only 25 minutes in the contest.

"It was a game were obviously we had control early, and it didn't look like we would lose control of it, so we subbed up and let some other kids play. They deserved it, and we felt like some of those kids should be playing and they got to play; I'm sure everything will taste that much sweeter for them because of it," Coach Moon said after the game.

The win, which was only close for a brief period in the fourth quarter when Graham narrowed the lead to 12, pushes Eastern's record in conference to 9-0, all but securing the number one seed in the conference tournament for the Eagles.

"Right now, and in the future, it is about winning," a smiling Curry said. "We have a great time out there, but when something comes up it is all business. There are people like Magic Johnson who smiled the whole game, but when it got serious so did he. Our chemistry is great, and important, and we'll have to maintain that."

While the win and team chemistry were the main things on Curry's mind, the crowd was buzzing over several of the most athletic dunks he has thrown in all season. The first, a double clutch reverse in the second quarter, pushed the Eagles ahead by 26 and prompted the substitutions.

The second came on his last bucket of the game, when PG Breon Lewis threw an alley-oop that seemed destined for the scoreboard. Curry somehow got his right hand on it and threw it down, sending much of the crowd home right then and there.

"This season is big, with my team, and it is fun too. Having these guys around me I can trust and depend on makes it all that much better. Last year we made noise in the tournament, this year we'll be screaming I think," Curry said.

Coach Moon did a bit of screaming himself when Graham closed to within 12, at least as much as he ever does, and the team responded by putting the game away for good via reenergized defensive pressure.

Eastern closes out the home schedule for the season with Graham on Friday, and as always IC will be there to bring you full coverage.

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