Signing Day: Bunting Quotes

"It is an exciting day. Another big recruiting class for us. We are excited about what we have been able to get done this year. I am very proud of my staff and all the people associated with this recruiting class. As you know, we continue to place a great deal of emphasis on the state of North Carolina."

"I said this would be one of the best recruiting classes that North Carolina has had. It speaks so well for the high school football programs in this state and the coaches in this state. We signed nine players from the state of North Carolina. I think that is terrific. We are also signing national level players. We signed guys from Arkansas and Texas and the Southeast. It shows what the University of North Carolina represents and what it can do. The power of North Carolina. Each year we are going to try and recruit the very best players from this state first, and then try and branch out to the other states.

"Once again, I am very excited about the fact that the people here on this campus joined in and helped our staff recruit, our professors, our faculty, our administrators. Everybody got involved in our recruiting weekends. It was very exciting to have everybody here and involved with it. We all know that when a recruit comes on this campus, he is going to see something special. The way that we are developing this program with character and toughness, I think you will soon see that we will have the results that we need to compete in this great conference. I am very excited about the immediate help that we are getting out of East Tennessee State. They offer some experience and some playing the game. We have added depth at many positions, but our emphasis this year was offensive line, we got four. Defensive back, we got five. We wanted to get speed back there. We wanted to continue to add depth to our defensive line, which we have done. We also added depth at wide receiver and specialist. Overall, we have filled our needs and we are excited about this class."

Comments on the signees ...

Kentwan Balmer - "Is a young man we discovered at our football camp. Kenny Browning recruited him. We saw exceptional athleticism. I saw similarities to Julius (Peppers) in terms of his quickness and agility. I have since seen him on the basketball court. Watching him play, he is going to be a terrific athlete. He has a great attitude and tremendous character."

Connor Barth - "Is a SuperPrep All-America. I don't follow all those recruiting services like you guys might. But he is a terrific All-America type kicker that Coach Lawing got out of Wilmington."

Scott Brumett - "At East Tennessee State, he played defensive end/linebacker. We are going to play him at tight end, where he wanted to play going in. He has had some experience there in spring practice at East Tennessee State. Tough kid. Hard working kid. Adds immediate football savvy to our football program. "

Antwain Carey - "Very, very fast, explosive athlete. He is recovering from a toe injury. This young man ran the first leg of the 4x100 Penn Relay championship team up there in Philadelphia. When I watched it on tape, it is a thrill to watch. He is an explosive, fast football player."

Calvin Darity - "Of course, a late-catch by us. Some people rank him as the number one guard in the country. He is very bright. Long arms, he is an extremely good football player from a big-time winning football program out of Lincoln, coached by David Wilson down there in Tallahassee."

Brooks Foster - "An outstanding wide receiver and outstanding basketball player. He may in fact do something like Jesse (Holley) and try out with the basketball team. He has tremendous body quickness and ball-catching skills. Good speed."

Trimane Goddard - "One of the most highly recruited defensive backs in the country. He has tremendous athleticism, has played quarterback, running back, safety and cornerback. He is a tremendous specialist in terms of returning kicks. Tremendous attitude, I am extremely excited about him being here with our football program."

Stephen Green - "Some people say he is the finest football player out of the state of Arkansas. How we got him out of there I don't know, but Hal Hunter did a great job of recruiting him. He has also played running back and returns kicks. He could be a corner to start and then grow into a safety as his brother is, Greg Wesley of the Kansas City Chiefs. He is an outstanding athlete. Very bright and very tough."

Marcus Hands - "One of ours that is still up there at Hargrave working to finish out the school year up there. He is somebody that adds a lot to our program with pass-rush and strength and size."

Wyatt Hicks - "Tremendous athlete. Hal (Hunter) was immediately attracted to his athleticism as both an offensive tackle and possibly a guard. He has great height and structure for gaining weight."

Terry Hunter - "He is here on campus right now. Recruited last year, he is a great pass-rusher. The area of concern that we wanted to improve was getting a pass-rusher like Terry Hunter or a Hilee Taylor. I am pleased that he is already here and will go through spring practice."

Ben Lemming - "A guy that is still growing. He had a big footprint when he first got here but he is still growing. He is a 6-5, 280-pounder right now and he could be 6-6, 290 pounds by the time he gets here. A great student and a great athlete."

Khalif Mitchell - "He is going to impact this program right away. Look for him to play. I'm not sure if he will be playing the three technique or the defensive end five technique. He is a tremendous athlete. He played fullback in high school and defensive line. He can move that big body. He is a 6-5, 300-pounder. Some people, Coach (Robert) Prunty up there at Hargrave being one of them, think he is probably the best defensive tackle in the country."

Thomas Nyaoga - "A late get for us also. We are really excited about him. He was injured his senior year, so he didn't get the kind of play that he did heading into his senior year. He was being recruited by Oklahoma, Nebraska and some other schools. A real top prospect that I think is going to really impact our program."

Willie Phelps - "He has played running back, safety, cornerback and returned kicks. Another speedster with track skills. He has great acceleration and burst and is very physical. He has a tremendous attitude, a great kid who we are very excited about."

Cori Powell - "A kid we got onto early in the recruiting game. We were fortunate to get him because we were looking for a linebacker/fullback tough guy with athleticism and speed. Coach Brewer got him out of the Charlotte area. A great young man and a good student."

Kenny Price - "He has worked extremely hard since his senior year to become qualified. He has become a straight-A student up there at Hargrave. We are extremely excited about him. Tremendous toughness. He's physical, strong defensive tackle type player. We will have him here when the school year is over."

Chase Rice - "Another early commitment. I think that if he had gone down to the wire, he would have been a highly touted linebacker/running back or h-back type player. He has great ball skills, great athleticism and tremendous quickness and burst. He has a great attitude, he is going to add toughness to our football team."

Del Roberts - "Very similar to Jarwarski Pollock. Maybe a shade quicker, if that is hard to believe. He returns kicks, catches balls on all the different assorted wide receiver screens. He makes plays and makes people miss. He is also a great student and comes from a great family."

Michael Rozier - "He is a highly recruited baseball prospect as well as you guys may know. Left-hander, he has all the throws. He is 6-5. We are fortunate his daddy is the football coach, so his daddy likes football. We are excited to have him up here to possibly participate in both sports with us."

Gerald Sensabaugh - "Another East Tennessee State product. A three-year starter and All-America over there. A guy who was at one point going to enter a division one school, it might have been Tennessee. But he went to East Tennessee State. He has all the skills that you would want in a safety, particularly in the sense that he understands the game and has great experience. He is really anxious to be coached by Marvin Sanders. He will become a leader on our football team."

Hilee Taylor - "A great young man with a tremendous upside. He is a linebacker/defensive end, pass rush specialist with great athleticism who has great speed with burst off the edge. Good student and we are anxious for him to get here over the summer."

Martel Thatch - "Another very fine student from over at Greensboro, Dudley High School. Coach Webster recruited him. Some people think he is one of the very best defensive backs in the state. He has played wide receiver and has ball skills. He has great quickness and will tackle you. he is a tough kid. Very, very bright and a great addition to our porogram."

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