UNC-Duke: Roy Williams Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams talks to the media following his team's overtime loss to Duke at the Smith Center Thursday night.

Opening Statement -

That was a big time college basketball game. I'm tired of saying that when we're on the short end. But things we're just part into prospective because Coach Holladay's just found out that his son is not in Iraq anymore, so that puts things in perspective -- because we've been worried, to say the least. It puts things in perspective for me ...

It was a fantastic college basketball crowd. If I was coaching as good as our crowd is cheering, as good as the enthusiasm we have in the building, I'd be one hell of a coach. They've been fantastic.

I'm extremely proud of my time. We made some mistakes when we had it 69-62 -- I think we turned it over three times in a row. You can't do those things and give them a chance. We had a couple guys step up. Jawad was playing one of the worst games of his life and steps up and makes a big three to get us to overtime Rashad made big shots. I think I saw the best basketball game Rashad has ever played. Sean May gave us everything he had. 21 rebounds and was cramping there at the end. They kept running Shelden, Shavlik and Luol in there and he stuck in there and played 36 minutes. It's hard to play and spread out the minutes as much as we want to.

Chris [Duhon] made a big time play. We scored and I think they did the right thing by not calling a timeout and trying to attack us. I would have done the same thing and we tried to do it right back at them. They did a better job stopping Raymond's dribble penetration. For one split second we had a too casual approach as we were running back and Chris was right on top of us. Raymond could have gotten some help from one of his teammates to slow him down. I told our team that you can all go back and pick out one or two plays that you didn't make that you could have made that would have made a difference in the game. We had a lot of opportunities early in the game - two feet and three feet and just didn't make the baskets.

If I ramble on I could be here all night ... let's just say it was a big time college basketball game and I'm extremely proud of our time and we got beat by an excellent basketball team that I have a lot of respect for.

On what was needed to win -

Better execution. You've got to take care of your own man and that's something that we haven't been doing as good a job at throughout the course of the season. And it's ironic that that's the last play - a drive to the basket like that ... we spent a great deal of time yesterday just being able to control your man.

Responding to a specific play -

Please don't name our guys, it's North Carolina. ... that's picking on an individual and that's not right. North Carolina lost to Duke.

On the improved defensive effort -

I've been critical of our defense, I've been critical of our work ethic. I told the guys I was extremely proud of my team tonight. Sean was cramping up and I believe he gave us everything he had. I can bring out a hundred plays ... I do think we played exceptionally hard ...

Commenting on Sean May and Jawad Williams ...

I took him out at the end of the first half because he didn't step in and take a charge. Chris Duhon drove right down the middle of the lane and he let him go and you can't play like that. I challenged him and Jawad, because Jawad was giving up too many boxouts. I thought the last four minutes of the half we got soft defensively. But I don't think there was any posession in the second half where we got soft defensively.

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