UNC-WF: Roy Williams Quotes

The Tar Heels head coach addressed the media following the game...

Opening statement:
"I am so proud of my team. To bounce back in such a short time makes me even more proud. When you look at our schedule and we have two games in three days, three times this year and nobody else has it more than once, you can't sleep sometimes. But for us to bounce back and play with the amount of composure we had makes me very happy. We have an awfully happy locker room today and we had a very sad one Thursday.

"I love the Wake Forest team. But we were able to mix in some zone to slow the pace of the game. It was the old point zone that I learned when I played on the freshman team with Coach [Dean] Smith and Coach [Bill] Guthridge. It was the first game this season that we used it. We made some boo-boos, but in the end it was effective in stopping their penetration."

On Rashad McCants:
"I was a little concerned with Rashad McCants. He had gotten nicked up late in the Duke game and I sent him back to the locker room to try to loosen up today."

On Raymond Felton:
"I look at the stat sheet and Raymond Felton had no turnovers. And obviously his three-pointer was a big time three pointer."

On Melvin Scott's first half:
"For him to go 7-for-9 from the floor was big. In the first half he was really all the offense we had."

On the short span between Thursday's game and today's:
"These are 19, 20 and 21-year-old kids that feel they can handle anything. I told them before the game that they could not be tired, because they're young kids. We spent most of practice just walking through what we thought Wake Forest would do. We took our top seven guys and made them coaches as the next 10 guys scrimmaged each other."

On the difference in temp from the first meeting this season:
"Last time, the score was 119-114, but you also have to remember it was a 55-minute game. The tempo was definitely slower, but we do like to run as well. We were much better today with our transition defense. There were three times last game where [Chris] Paul took the inbounds pass, went the length of the floor and got to the basket. We did a much better job of containing Chris."

On UNC's free-throw shooting:
"We probably shoot more free throws than anyone else in the country. I told our kids that they just need to follow through and not fall back. And the kids did a great job."

On picking up a road win:
"I don't get caught up with whether games are at home or on the road. You just have to have the attitude that you can go somewhere else and play well. We've let a couple of other games on the road slip through our hands. They kept us on the sidelines right before the tip for so long. I wanted to take a nap."

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