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Sean May, David Noel, Melvin Scott and Jawad Williams address the media following the game.

Sean May
On coming out of a slump
"The last couple of games I tried to come out and just play. I didn't worry about anything – I really got a lot of frustration out with that (last) layup."

On Raymond Felton's late three pointer
"That was David Noel's pick (to free Felton) and I was setting a down screen for Rashad. The play was originally designed for Raymond to come off it to give the ball to me in the post, but he had an open look and I knew he was about to shoot it, so I started trying to get good position for a rebound. Tough players make tough shots."

Were you nervous at the end when Wake Forest seemed to be making a run after the way other games had ended?
"I wasn't nervous – I just wanted us to come down and make something happen. With 28 seconds left Coach drew up a play and it didn't work because they did a great job defending it. (After Wake's possession) Raymond said to get him the ball, and he did a great job of pushing it down the court and getting it to Melvin for a layup."

"Raymond is doing a great job of taking over this team."

On having a lighter, more relaxed practice yesterday and how that helped loosen the team up
"It helped a lot. When we first went in you could tell the mood was a little down because the night before we came out of a late game and really emotional loss. Coach just tried to loosen us up – he let the reserves play and let us coach. We just had some fun with it."

On starting the second half of the ACC schedule
"We can't worry about what happened in the past. We just need to focus on the next seven games and getting ourselves into a good position (for the Tournament)."

David Noel

On the importance of finally winning a game on the road
"We knew we needed it, we knew we had to have it, and we went out and got it. That's something that we are going to have to do more consistently."

What would the psyche of this team had been if this game had been lost going into Atlanta Tuesday night?
"I don't even want to think about it. Laughing

On yesterday's preparation, and coaching his teammates in practice
"Coach made practice relaxed and short. We had fun and just bonded with each other. Our team won (sophomores) so it was a good time."

Melvin Scott

On his offensive production early in the game
My teammates were setting screens for me and getting me open looks. I had to hit shots – that‘s my job for the team. I came out really hot, and I just wanted to help put my team in position to win."

On heading to Atlanta on Tuesday
"I know it will be a tough environment, and that's why it's so nice to win a game like this. We've been (so) close to winning almost every game this season. Plus, to win a game like this, that shows that we're maturing. Going into Georgia Tech (this win) really gives us a lot of confidence."

How does it feel to finally get a road win in the ACC?
"I feel good man! This is what it's supposed to be like playing at the University of North Carolina. This is what I dreamed of, winning tough games down the stretch on an opponent's home court. That's a great feeling and we want it to continue it."

Who is the better coach – David Noel or Jackie Manuel?
"I think Jackie, because he's a junior."

But David's team won?
"Just because you win the game doesn't mean you're the better coach." (Laughing)

Jawad Williams

How is your back?
"It actually hurts right now just standing straight up. I was trying to work with the trainer in the first half to keep it loose. I think it's getting better, if I keep working on it I'll be fine."

Coach Williams said that Melvin had a chance at the end to show off his vertical and he didn't show too much. Can Melvin get higher than that?
"He can – I've actually thrown him a couple lobs in practice and he went up and got them. He can jump, and even dunk, but on that play he went up like a little girl."

Are sure you want him to read that?
"Go for it." (Laughing)

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