UNC-GT: Roy Williams quotes

UNC coach addresses the media following the game...

Opening statement:
(joined in progress) "…you can't do that against a very good team on their home court and expect to win. In the second half, we made some shots and they missed some shots and we got right back in it. Then all of sudden, B.J. just started making every shot he looked at. He had about as good as a performance as I have ever seen. I told Paul [Hewitt] that he should be awfully proud of his team, because we made such a significant run and they didn't get frustrated or harassed; they didn't look at each other…they just kept playing. It does give you a good feeling on the bench when a guy starts hitting shots like that. Another thing; we had trouble making free throws and they just kept hitting them down the stretch. They are the fifteenth-ranked team in the country and they are 18-5; and they're really good. At times, we were really good. The problem we have had is trying to be good for 40 minutes. In this league you can't do it for 20 and expect to win. That's about it."

On playing three ranked teams in a row:
"It wasn't very good scheduling (joking). Our team didn't have anything to do with that. But in this league you are going to have stretches like that. Duke and Carolina are the only two teams that have had to play three games in a six-day stretch. The schedule didn't fall very fortunate for us. We had the quick Thursday to Saturday turnaround, and then we had to come here with the last two of them on the road. They were three very good teams, but we played better against Wake Forest than we did today. There are no walkovers in this league. You've got to be ready to play every single night. Writers like you guys don't like those clichés, but it's true; if you're not on top of your game, you're not going to win."

When asked about playing a zone in Chapel Hill:
"If I'm right, I don't think we played more than one or two possessions of zone in Chapel Hill. We forced 24 turnovers there, and I know in the first half, we didn't play a single possession of zone and we were up 15 at the half. Right now an awful lot of you have a better memory than I do, but I think I'm pretty good on basketball. We weren't doing a good job stopping their dribble penetration. So I went to the zone to see if I could stop the dribble penetration."

On the technical:
"Well, he got fouled. It's simple; the referee didn't see it like I did. Should I have gotten the technical? I probably shouldn't have. I didn't curse him; I just screamed at him to call the foul. It was a foul, but that didn't beat us. That's nine I've had in 16 years of coaching."

Did you find yourself sitting back and watching Elder and McCants exchange baskets?
"Yeah, except that we were behind all the time. It's a lot more fun when it's your guy making the shots to keep you ahead all the time. Rashad would make a three to cut it to three, and then B.J. would go down and make one to put back up to six."

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