UNC-GT: Paul Hewitt and Tech player quotes

Yellow Jackets coach and players address the media following the game...

Opening statement:
"I hope you all enjoyed that game because I found myself getting caught up in it. A couple of shots that B.J. made, a couple of shots that McCants made and of course, Isma'il's dunk. I'll tell you what, in seven years as a head coach, I've never been caught so off guard; he came out of nowhere. You don't want to hear what I said. I really hope people enjoyed that game. I've been talking about our crowd all year and how good they've been to us, so it was nice for us to finish out the game, making free throws. We got a great effort from B.J. Elder. And that was a very good team we played. And Rashad McCants -wow, he was tremendous. It's a good win for our guys. I thought our defense was a big key. We held them to 40 percent, which is something we really try to shoot for and take a lot of pride in. I hope people recognize that this is a good defensive team. We're number one right now in the league in field goal percentage defense and top five in the country. That's something we take a great deal of pride in, and it's one of the reasons why we've had the year that we've had so far. If we continue to play defense and rebound the ball, then we'll continue to win basketball games."

Did you say anything to B.J. in the second half?
"I know well enough to stay out of his way. Defensively I thought we needed to tighten up on McCants. He's such a good shooter, if he gets the slightest of room, he's going to knock down the shot."

On Elder:
"We have placed a great deal of emphasis on setting screens for B.J., and also for Will Bynum. We really talk a lot about getting those guys open. On top of that, he's just a great talent, so if you give him a little room, he can put up big numbers." Will Bynum

On making the free throws down the stretch:
"I just tried to relax, follow through and do the same thing every time."

On managing the game in the final 5 minutes:
"With five minutes to go we just tried to get a good shot every time down the floor. Just take time off the clock and make sure we got a good shot."

On the physical play of the game:
"I don't think we were tired, I just think it's late in the season. I cannot believe we were tired because we do so much running, I just can't see us getting tired."

On the emotion of the building:
"It was great, it's always great playing at the Coliseum."

B.J. Elder

On going head-to-head with Rashad McCants:
"It was just both of us out there competing. We both have a lot of respect for one another and we have played against each other before, so we know how to step up our games. I don't think I thought about it, but I was aware of it. In the second half he kind of stuck his hand out and I slapped it, so we both were aware of what was going on out there."

On feeling it out on the floor:
"When you're feeling it like that you just want to get a good look at the basket and let it go."

On stopping Carolina this time around:
"We stopped their transition offense a lot more this time around. They got some baskets off of it, but we really tried to get back and prevent the easy basket and force them to play half court offense."

Luke Schenscher

On the emotion of the building:
"It was just great, the fans were unbelievable. It's been three or four games in a row that they have given us a big lift during the course of the game and made it difficult for the other team to play. It's been a great atmosphere and it's fun to be a part of it."

On the wear-and-tear of the game:
"It was definitely up and down and I was really sucking wind there for a while. It was tough, [Sean] May was struggling too there and fighting with his injury and everything. We just stuck through it and the crowd kept us going."

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