UNC-GT: UNC Locker Room

Rashad McCants, Jackie Manuel, David Noel and Sean May addressed the media...

Rashad McCants

Did you feel like you and Elder were having sort of a one-on one game?
"No, not at all."

Did the technical foul have any effect on the game?
"Maybe a little bit. (It seemed like0 the ref missed a call. The technical and the (previous) call turned a lot of things around because it seemed like we were starting to get it going. That really changed things around because then they were just going to stall the ball and we were going to have to foul."

Did you feel like you did everything you could defensively on Elder?
"He was hot. Sometimes he would hit shots when I had a hand all the way in his face – I mean (almost) touching his eyes. Sometimes when players get hot like that you just cannot do anything about it."

What is the identity of this team right now?
"We're just going through some adversity. We have six games left, and someway, somehow, we've got to get some wins very quickly."

Jackie Manuel

Were you trying anything special on defense to slow down Elder?
"Well, we had success in the last game with our zone, and we went back to it hoping that it would help us like in the (Wake) game. – but he got pretty hot on us in the zone"

On Rashad's night…
"We were trying to get him the ball because he was feeling it. It seemed like he and B.J. were going back in forth, but we knew we were going to have to get a stop at some point."

On the effect of the technical foul…
"It wasn't the technical that got us. When B.J. got hot – I think he hit seven in a row- that's what turned the game around on us. If you have a hand in a guy's face and he's still making shots on you, what more can you do?"

On the team's poor performance from the free throw line after shooting 90% on Saturday…
"Some days it seems like you hit all your free throws and some days it's like you miss them all. It's just part of basketball."

David Noel

Was this game more physical than the game with Tech in Chapel Hill?
"I think it was a little less physical than the last one. But, it was still one of those games where if you were going to make plays, you had to be physical."

He really got hot. Sometimes there isn't really anything you can do when a guy heats up like that."

Was the dunk put back by Mohammed a missed box out?
"Yes. I was boxing out Schenser and I saw him coming through the air and put it through. Then I was just trying to get it in (bounds) to Raymond so we could get back upcourt."

How hard is it to play against Schenser at your size?
"It's tough. He's pretty mobile and can step out. When you're 6'6'' guarding a seven footer, it's always tough."

On the tough schedule…
The ACC is no joke – and our schedule is no joke. We just played three of the best teams in the country in a six day span. We have six games left and we're going to do the best we can to win those games so hopefully we won't be on the bubble for the Tournament."

Sean May

On the ups and downs of this team…
"Some days we bring it for the full forty minutes and some days we just don't. Today, I thought in the first half we didn't have the effort there to win the ball game. In the second half, we came out and played well and got back in it. Then B.J. got hot and hit some shots and they got a lead."

"Some days we play well and it seems like nobody can beat us; tonight we just looked like an average team out there."

On moving forward from here…
"Everybody's probably going to lose faith in us (after tonight) but there's 15 guys in this locker room and we have faith in ourselves. We've just got to keep working and keep doing everything Coach asks."

"We can't keep saying that we're getting better and making progress, now is the time that we have to start being accountable – all of us- and start winning games."

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