UNC-EA All-Stars: Locker Room Report

Brian Morrison, Jon Holmes, and Kris Lang share their thoughts following a 107-76 loss to the EA All-Stars.

Brian Morrison

"I don't think there's much to say. They just pretty much gave it to us—just took it to us. They made a lot of their open—which they shouldn't have got—and we missed a lot of our open shots.

How much did not having Jason out there affect you?

"Jason is a huge part of our team, so obviously that was a factor, but that's no excuse to get beat like that."

How do you handle an outcome like this? Do you take it seriously, or do you just blow it off?

"You've just got to get better from it. You've got to let it hit you for a little while, but you can't harp on it."

Defensively, you talked about getting open shots. Was it a matter of not knowing the defense or just moving your feet more?

"I think it was a matter of getting through screens, penetration and pitiching, and it seems like they got a lot of open three's on the break."

Does this game make you nervous about the season?

"Not at all. I'm just ready to get back out there and prove the team that came out there tonight."

Jon Holmes

Does this team have to play with a level of intensity that everyone doesn't understand yet?

"I think so. I think that in any game—I don't care if it's this team or any other team—a big key is intensity and leaving it out there on the line every night and playing with lots of emotion. There wasn't a huge crowd today so we had to generate our own emotion. I think that's going to be key for us.

"We have to get stops on the defensive end and be enthusiastic out there, like it's the last game we're ever going to play. We have to show unbelievable enthusiasm, even if it almost looks silly out there. If we can't get something from the crowd, we have to [generate] it ourselves."

What do you miss when Jason is not on the court in terms of leadership?

"I think that Jason and all the seniors have done a great job with leadership. Obviously, we missed Jason today, but we just ran into a buzz saw. I think that as the days go by, with practices and exhibition games, and the farther we get into the season, the younger and inexperienced guys will pick up more from the seniors and more from being in games. For the freshmen, this is the first time in front of a crowd playing against somebody else in a competitive game. It's just natural that we will improve."

Were you embarrassed when you looked at the scoreboard?

"It was a humbling experience because we had seen how the other teams in our conference had fared against this team. We looked up there, and all the fans were leaving the stadium, and it was pretty humbling. If you want to call it embarrassing, yeah. It makes you want to get back to work. It's like we don't want to take any time [off]. We want to get back in the gym and work. We don't like this for ourselves, we don't like this for our fans, and we just have to go out and represent ourselves better."

Kris Lang

How do you feel? I'm guessing this isn't how you expected to finish your afternoon?

"No, not at all. It's disappointing, but we have to go back and focus and continue working hard like we have been. We left a wide open man on the outside, and they were hitting, between Frahm and Staples, they were draining them. We just have to get more fundamentally sound on defense and be patient on offense and not throw the ball away."

How much of leaving the guys open is the youth of the team?

"We do have a lot of inexperience. Tonight, we only had one player who was out on the court that averaged more than 10 minutes per game, and that was me. With this, I think it'll help the team grow, and it was a growing experience for them. As long as they keep their confidence high, we'll be all right."

How did Coach Doherty react in the locker room afterwards?

"He was calm, cool, and collected. I imagine he was frustrated, but he didn't show it in any kind of way. He just showed some confidence because we have a lot of up-side to us. We just have to keep working hard and get more experience."

How do you, as a senior, help bring the younger guys along to contribute on both ends of the court?

"We just have to show by example and keep confidence in the young guys. That's the big thing for them. Coming off a 31-point loss, they probably never experienced anything like this in high school, and they never expected it to happen at North Carolina. They just have to keep their heads up and keep shooting the ball. We missed a lot of open shots. We're going to hit our shots—it's going to be all right."

Is it such now that the job that you and Jason have off the floor with the young players is almost as big—if not bigger—as the job you've got on the floor in leading?

"It's very big off the court, and we know that. We've been showing that. We go out together, and we hang out. We go out to eat and everything. We're doing everything as a team, and we're doing everything possible to help the team grow as quickly as possible. We just have to keep our heads up—that's the big thing."

How big was it not having Jason Capel out there?

"The man can shoot, he can pass, and he can rebound. We missed all three of those things tonight, and he's a great leader on the court. He shows a lot of emotion out there, and it's something that we feed off of. We missed him out there, but we knew he wasn't going to be out there, and we just have to stick together and play hard."

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