Sophomore Watch: Darius Logan

Most folks won't recognize the face. Most won't recognize the name. But out on the west coast, all of the right people know who Darius Logan is. And after this summer, it's very likely that everyone else will as well.

This 5-11 speedy point guard from Capital Christian Center HS in Sacramento, Calif. has already played in the Sacramento summer pro league. He's had some playing experience with the top two prep guards in the area -- DeMarcus Nelson and Quentin Thomas -- as well as the NBA's Bobby Jackson.

"They all know how good Darius is," said Waymon Logan, Darius' father. "We beat Q and Oakland Tech already this year and he's had DeMarcus back on his heels, too, when they play. You know, as good as (Quentin Thomas) is, there's no way that he can stop Darius from getting to the hole."

Wow, no shortage of confidence on pop's part.

Logan started last season as a freshman for Capital Christian where he averaged 10 points and nine assists per game. But this season, there's some political warfare going on as the sophomore has announced plans to travel with a different AAU team this summer. Logan is coming off the bench this season and the family thinks that it's because of the switching of AAU teams.

Logan with Bobby Jackson
"Well, at any time, when he puts Darius in the game he can score and get his assists. He had 14 points and almost 10 assists in one quarter this year. Then, it was back to the bench. But he's going to transfer after this year."

Logan struggled with his academics at the beginning of the school year, but since then, he has improved his GPA and gotten it up to a more respectable 2.9, according to his father.

"He had some trouble at first, but now he's got it all coming together," he said.

Since many national analysts -- aside from the west coast ones -- have yet to see Logan in action, who better than 16-year-old guard himself to describe his game? It's a description that many UNC fans as well as Roy Williams might find appealing.

"The first thing that you'll notice about me," said Logan, "is that I am so aggressive. I control the tempo. I set the pace and I love to play defense. I lock down the other guy. I play hard defense and my guy isn't going to score much if at all. I get a lot of assists because I take pride in setting my teammates up."

And how do you score?

"Most of my points come off drives to the hoop. I get some pull up jumpers as well. But like I said -- a lot of assists," he added.

It's important to note that the book on where Logan projects is still an open one. PrepWestHoops analyst Greg Hicks isn't completely sold on the sophomore being a high major target. Check out this quote on Hicks' site dated Nov. 11th...

"At this point, I have Logan as a low to possible mid major prospect," wrote Hicks.

Logan's reply to that assessment?

"Everyone will see. I'm not going to do a lot of talking. I'll let my game do it," he said.

As for the early list of schools from Logan, they rolled off his tongue pretty quickly ...

"I like Arizona. And UCLA and Cal, and North Carolina. Schools like that. Right now that's about it."

Logan already has one big fan -- Darren Matsubura who runs the infamous EBO squad. He's invited Logan to run with his team this summer.

And in the meantime, folks can expect to become familiar with his name and his face.

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