UNC-MD: UNC Locker Room

Jawad Williams, Rashad McCants, Sean May, Jackie Manuel and Raymond Felton address the media...

Jawad Williams

On his resurgent play today:
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I'm just getting more comfortable and trying to work myself back into the flow of the game. Hopefully, I'll get a little bit better."

Is that as physical as you have played in the last few weeks?
"I went out there with a mentality that I was going to have to deliver a hit or get hit. My teammates did a great job of coming to me and helped me build my confidence early."

Did you want to attack them down low?
We have a quickness advantage sometimes and we need to take advantage of that by exploding up down low, and when we have the advantage on the perimeter, we need to do that."

Is the team coming together now?
We have to come together. We can't be inconsistent like we have been. If we do and we take practice one day at a time, then we'll be fine. If not, we'll be sitting back in March thinking about what we could have done."

Rashad McCants

Is this team starting to come together?
"It seems like we still have a lot to change. We have 20-point leads and then we break down so badly. It's so unfortunate. We still stuck it out and won the game, but we've lost a lot of games."

On Maryland's second half comeback attempt:
"We were hitting shots. Usually when they make their runs, they start hitting shots and we go cold. But today we answered their runs a little bit better when they started coming back. Their half-court trap was pretty hard for us."

On his final three-pointer – a bank shot – as the shot clock was running down:
"I just shot it and it went in."

What has been key to your recent play?
"I'm just playing and being a basketball player. Most people say he's hot or he's just feeling it, blah, blah, blah. But I feel like I should have been playing like this since the beginning of the year, when I wasn't aggressive enough and struggled a little bit with my shot. Now I'm more consistent."

Sean May

Do you feel like the team is coming together now?
"It was good for us to come together and get a win out of it. You guys probably get tired of hearing me say it, but that's part of it when you've got a young team like this. We've just got to continue to get better, and it's about time one rolled our way."

On Maryland's second half comeback attempt:
"We just had a lot of turnovers when they started pressing. That's the thing that bothered us mostly. But we stuck together, Coach riled us up and Rashad hit another big shot, and like I said, it's about time one rolled our way. We've lost three on the last shot of the game."

We're you worried?
"I wasn't worried, I was just like let's get the ball down the court and make something happen, and then get back on defense. I'm never worried out there. Anything can happen. I've got five guys out there that want to win just like I do."

Jackie Manuel

Was this a must win game?
"Any game from here on out is a must win. We know the pressure is on and we've got to win the tough games. We know we have to win the home games."

What was the key to holding off Maryland?
"The key was for us to be poised out there. We know they're going to try to press us, we just had to make plays and get some easy baskets."

How physical was the play?
It was physical – tons of fouls. But that's life in the ACC. If you're not ready for that, then something is wrong with you."

Raymond Felton

Was this a must win game?
"You got to have all the wins on your home court and then you try to get some on the road. Now we just have to get these games we have left."

Is the layoff before the FSU game a good or bad thing?
"It might be a good or bad thing. Last week we played three games in six days. We're just trying to get our legs back into it. It will be good to get a couple of practices in to work on some things. I guess it's a good thing."

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