UNC-MD: Roy Williams quotes

Postgame comments from UNC's head coach.

Opening Statement
"Well it was an unusual game. I was somewhat pleased in the first half that we got through without foul problems killing us. We had Jackie, Sean, and Raymond with two fouls. Getting through that half and being up 20 and then for some reason I've had some halftime talks that make guys come out and play well and some make them come out and play sorry. Today was one of those sorry ones. I ran us down the court a couple times, we turned it over three times in a row, and it was just an ugly game.

"It looked like we'd right the ship there for a little bit and then we couldn't keep them off the offensive boards. They'd shoot and miss and get another rebound, put it in and we'd foul them. Raymond had a tough afternoon. When you look over and see that Melvin had five turnovers and Raymond had seven that usually means you lose. The weird game statistic that you look at is that they had 78 shots and we had 51. Usually you're not going to give up 27 more shots to the other team and still win the game. The difference was that we did get to the free throw line a little more particularly at the end when they had to start fouling. Rebounding wise the battle was 50 to 32. You shoot 55 percent and they shoot 39 and you look at turnover column and you have 22 turnovers. You can't count the value of that because a lot of our turnovers were in the middle of the court where they'd get the ball and go lay it up.

"It was an ugly performance. You can go back to Georgia Tech. Basically anybody that has tried to press us has opened the court up for us. It's a much easier look. Today they got in the half court trap with us and we'll probably see that some more because everybody in this league is pretty sharp. One time during a timeout we were able to draw up what to do and we were able to get to the basket and get a layup. We'd been practicing press offense yesterday afternoon. It was an ugly game at times.

"We've played three games this year that we've lost with a last shot to win the game. All three games we didn't make any of them. In one of those games against Wake Forest they banked in two three-point shots against us. So, when Rashad hit that one in today I thought how lucky we were. Maybe God is a Tar Heel after all."

On Jawad Williams
"I thought he was much more aggressive. He wasn't as tentative without the mask. Since he's taken the mask off we've tried to get him to be more aggressive. I think he was today. You look at five offensive rebounds today. He went through a five game stretch where he had only eight rebounds total. I think being more aggressive and getting to the boards really helped us. Jawad stepped up with 13 out of 16 free throws and needless to say, that helped us too."

On Rashad McCants
"He should have called front rim [on his missed dunk]. I told him that if he'd made it I'd been standing up cheering with everybody else. But, when you do something you're not capable of doing you look bad and he looked bad. I wasn't going to take him out and that point but he went down to the other end and didn't box out for a rebound. Then a guy knocks the ball out of bounds and he wants a foul. He was begging and it's time we stopped begging people and wanting people to give us things. It's time we start doing things ourselves and making it happen. That's the reason I got mad and took him out."

On the speed of play
"We didn't get across to the point where we could go fast. You've got only 10 seconds to get the ball across the line and if you get it over then they go into man and we want to do something. We never got to a stage in the game where you can do a better job of taking care of the basketball. We were turning it over in that intermediate stage of the court. When you turn it over 22 times and half of the times the other team just get the ball and shoots layups it's hard to come back from that."

On Raymond Felton having bad legs in the game
"I've never practiced a team as easy as I'm practicing this team. We played sorry in Atlanta Tuesday night. We came back and I gave them Wednesday off. Thursday we came in and just shot around a little bit. We didn't do anything Thursday that I couldn't have done. I've never in my life practiced a team as little as I'm practicing this team. We're going to take two days off this week because we've got some time and I want to make sure they've got their legs. It's easy to say that bad legs make you play badly. But, that's an excuse. Bad legs don't make you make bad decisions."

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