McCants chats with IC

Other than Amare Stoudemire, there was only one big guy that Rashad McCants wanted to go to battle with when he gets to Chapel Hill. <p>Sean May.

"He's the best big man in the country and now all we need is one more big body to bang inside," McCants said after hearing about the May commitment. "He's smart, makes great decisions and uses the court to his advantage. He recognizes a mismatch and when a defender can't guard him on the perimeter, he takes him inside."

McCants said while he was disappointed that the staff was unable to land fellow big men Torin Francis, Shelden Williams, Shavlik Randolph and Brad Buckman, he had a gut-feeling that Matt Doherty was going to corral May away from Hoosierland.

McCants and May bonded while they were in Colorado Springs at the USA Festival early in the summer and the pair kept in touch throughout the recruiting process.

Now Doherty arguably has three of the top dozen players in the nation with McCants, May and Raymond Felton. The only other school that can make that claim is the one down the road: Duke has three legitimate players in the Dandy Dozen – Williams, Randolph and J.J. Redick.

"It's unbelievable what they've done," McCants said of the Blue Devils' class, which also includes Sean Dockery, Michael Thompson and Lee Melchionni. "I've seen every one of them and they're good. Solid. I'll give them that. … But we have the heart and we're going in with the attitude to win it all."

McCants is hoping Doherty can find a way to bring the defensive-minded Keith Butler into the fold. Butler is choosing between Temple, Miami, UNC, Cincinnati and Illinois.

As for McCants' senior season at New Hampton Prep (N.H.) – where he admits there is nothing to do except hit the books and shoot hoops – it gets underway on Nov. 10 against Redemption Christian Academy.

"This is my senior year and I want to make the most of it and win me a championship," McCants said. "Right now I'm working on my ballhandling and adding some other things to my game."

McCants wants to polish his overall offensive game before he steps foot on Chapel Hill less than a year from now and that means working on his shooting off-the-dribble and also working on his jumper from inside the three-point line.

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