UNC-UVa: Pete Gillen's quotes

Cavs' head coach addresses media following the game...

Opening statement:
"That was a tremendous college basketball game. Both teams played well and very hard. We are very fortunate to have won this game. I'm very proud of this team.

"I can't believe the play of Devin Smith-he gets 20 points in 23 minutes. He's not practiced in six weeks, as he's in too much pain to practice. Somehow he gets ready for the games, mentally, blocks out the pain and then he plays. He may shoot for a few minutes one day, but he doesn't practice.

"Todd (Billet) made a great shot at the end. We wanted to get the ball inbounds, which we were worried about. We had different options where Todd could shoot it, or swing it out to Elton (Brown), but Todd had it in his mind that he was going to shoot it.

"Our offensive rebounding was a matter of will and determination tonight. We are getting more confidence and more desire to get the ball. We wanted the ball a little more tonight. It has nothing to do with drills, but it has everything to do with heart and desire."

Comment about Virginia's final possession that resulted in Todd Billet's game-winning three-pointer:
"I don't think Devin (Smith) knew that Todd's shot didn't hit the rim to reset the shot clock. It was a chaotic time-we weren't in a flow. He made the unselfish play, but he didn't know that there was not enough time.

"We had three fouls to give. We fouled once and tried to foul again, but I guess Todd didn't foul him hard enough. We were trying to foul him twice, Todd was going after Felton, but it's a fine line-you don't want to tackle him and get the intentional, but go for the ball. Todd went for the ball, but I guess he didn't foul him hard enough. Todd was probably afraid that if he missed Felton, he would go by and drain a three."

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