UNC-UVa: Roy Williams' quotes

Carolina head coach addresses media following the game...

Opening statement:

"If I wasn't the coach at North Carolina, I would be very happy for (Todd) Billet. To have what's happened to him at the end of his senior year is fantastic. You look at the youngster and you know he got to be the player he is because he put in a lot of time and effort.

"The bottom line is we have to rebound. At halftime, they had nine offensive rebounds to our four and at the end of the game they had 18 offensive boards to our 11. ... We can't give them those opportunities.

"I think that we really hurt ourselves halfway through the second half. I usually don't look at the score very much, but we had a seven-or-eight point lead and then we had two guys fighting over a ball on the fast break -- all we had to do was get better spacing and play a little more intelligently and we may have had a layup. Foul a guy on a three-point shot. Then we had three guys in one defense and two guys in another defense. We didn't help ourselves not playing with much savvy tonight on the offensive and defensive end of the floor."

On Billet's game-winning three-pointer -

"He took the ball out of bounds and we hopefully weren't going to give him an open look. They set the screen and I thought we rode the screen fine and he made a very good shot. I thought Raymond was close enough to bother him and it wasn't a wide open shot and that what's we wanted - a shot that was covered. He just made a great shot at the end of the game. He's in a magical moment right now. ... He has big-time guts and is willing to make big-time plays. As a coach you've got to admire people like that."

On the play of Rashad McCants:

"They started out in the box-and-one and we weren't very patient with that and then he got into foul trouble. Rashad McCants can't be all of our offense, we have to be able to play and and we have to be able to rebound the basketball."

On UNC's final possession -

"They had fouls to give and we knew that. We wanted Raymond [Felton] to penetrate and he chose to pass it. They made a good defensive play and he made a heck of a steal to try to get it back but by that time the time was up."

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