UNC Quarterback Situation in Doubt for WFU

CHAPEL HILL, NC—Double tragedy has struck the University of North Carolina "two-headed quarterback" system. Both Darian Durant and Ronald Curry have left town to be with loved ones related to deaths in each family.

"Darian Durant is in Florence, [SC] with his family…" said UNC head football coach John Bunting with a somber tone at the weekly football press conference. "Ronald and I talked about a half an hour ago, and there was a death in his family. He'll be en route to be in Hampton with his family sometime today. It kind of puts football in perspective as to what's important. Our hearts and prayers go out to those two gentlemen—two fine, fine people—and their families. What their status will be I don't know."

Red-shirt freshmen Darian Durant lost his step-mother, and Ronald Curry lost a cousin who he grew up with and considers his little brother. Durant went to Florence, SC Saturday afternoon, and Curry left Tuesday morning for Hampton, VA.

The team will practice today with Aaron Leak and Brandon Mariani, until either or both of the two-rotation quarterbacks return later in the week, but it's still possible that Curry and/or Durant could play.

"I don't know that we wouldn't go with both [Durant and Curry] if they are back here on Saturday," remarked Bunting. "They have taken the snaps, and they know the system. Obviously, with a new game, and certainly Wake Forest presents a number of problems with the defenses that they play, it always makes it uncomfortable. But I'm more concerned in what's going on in their lives right now than what's going on in terms of the quarterback situation. Aaron and Landon, we'll go with them and they both know the system also."

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