UNC-Duke: Coach K, Deng and Duhon

The Blue Devils' coach and players addressed the media following the game...

Opening Statement:
"I'm proud of our team because they beat a really good basketball team. Again just like the first game, this [game] was hard, clean, good. Outstanding. It lived up to all the hype of what a Duke Carolina game should be.

"The opening ceremony for our seniors, usually they don't do anything like they did. They just talked about the last two days about sharing emotion, because we knew tonight was going to be such an emotional night. If you just keep it in you, you wear youreslf out. I didn't know they were going to share it with our sixth man. It was a beautiful. I was so proud, at that moment, I just thought `I'm coaching some great kids.

"They were really ready. I think we were ahead of ourselves. We we trying to play on emotion and we missed some good shots. We gave up so many offensive rebounds. Again you're not going to get them up unless you're attacking the boards which they did.

"In the second half I think we were a little more composed. We played really good defense throughout and we just rebounded a lot better in the second half. And by the way, Deng is a freshman. I think people keep forgetting that. The same freshman that was 1-14 on Wednesday. He gave one of the great performances in a Duke Carolina game tonight. Luol Deng was sensational. To go 12-16 and to respond after that type of game the way he did is just phenomenal. He's 18 years old. For him to do that sets him apart. I thought Duhon led us again the whole way, the whole way. He came up with a big play there right at the end. JJ's known for his shooting but the biggest play he's made here at Duke so far is the loose ball. To have the wherewithall to call a timeout. It's fitting that this game was won by a loose ball because that's the type of game it was. It was just so hard fought.

"I'm really proud of our guys. They just need to rest and close this chapter of the season. Come back Monday 0-0 and get ready for Greensboro.

"Our team has a had a great, great year. To have 25 wins and to win this conference by two games. They've been incredibly consistent and we just have to get rejuvenated. A game like this, a season like we've had in this conference knocks the hell out of you. Hopefully we can get going for Greensboro.

"I thought Shav coming off the bench gave us as good minutes as he's given us all year. I thought his rebound with five minutes to go on the defensive end gave us a chance to get a two possession lead." "What we're trying to do is put [Luol] in a couple of different places to at least touch the ball and if he doesn't score for people to at least play off of him. Against Georgia Tech he just wasn't strong with the ball. He thought the set was going to make the play. The set puts you in a position to make a play. They make the play. Tonight, we did some of those same things and he made the play."

Luol Deng
"All I did was put [the Georgia Tech game] behind me. I couldn't do anything to bring it back except improve from it. Wednesday I kind of rushed into my shots and didn't let the game come to me. That's how I feel about it. But today I just let it come slowly, and I had good looks.

"A lot of things that people don't see before the basket happens is how your teammates get you open. Shelden (Williams) and Shav (Randolph) just said, `Just use me on the screen, and I'm going to set you a good screen.' And Chris just gave me the ball where I need to have it. Everybody just sees the score at the end, but it's really what we did as a team and how we got to score those points. We just executed well."

Chris Duhon
"There was a lot of emotion, it was real physical, a lot of great players out on the court, and it's what college basketball is all about - these games right here and the intensity of the games. It's unfortunate that there has to be one winner.

"J.J. (Redick) did a great job getting to the free throw line and knocking down some big free throws. Luol (Deng) was just amazing. He was a man. He played beautiful basketball, and he deserves it. I thank those guys from the bottom of my heart.

"It feels great, and it's great to share it with these guys and the coaching staff. This is a special group and something that I'll remember for the rest of my life."

On Deng:
"He was the man. He accepted responsibility, realized that he didn't play the best that he was capable of playing [against Georgia Tech], and he changed that. He was aggressive, and he made big plays. He played beautiful basketball. He's a special talent. He just have to keep playing at that level."

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