Cameron says three lead

He thought he wanted to go to Clemson. So he pulled the trigger and offered the Tigers a verbal commitment. But then -- wait -- he changed his mind and pulled his verbal, thinking he may have done things too quickly. Now, he's back on the market and in demand.

Joey Cameron has a habit of changing his mind, but that doesn't seem to be scaring away the potential college suitors.

And along with many others -- the North Carolina Tar Heels are trying to position themselves with the 240-pound power forward from Leeds (Ala.).

And the 6-9 junior said he'd be very receptive to further interest from the Tar Heels.

"I think (the UNC coaching staff) has been talking to my coach," said Cameron. "In fact, I know they have called him. He told me that he had talked with one of the assistants there."

Cameron had an excitement in his voice when talking about North Carolina basketball as well as their successful head coach, Roy Williams.

"Oh man, you know when you think of North Carolina," he said, "it's just, that atmosphere that you see on television. It's a great location. There's nothing like the Dean Dome. Just the thought of wearing those sky blue colors and wearing that uniform is just like nothing you can imagine."

"And Roy Williams?" he continued. "He's just amazing. One of the best coaches out there. The ACC is the best conference in the country. And North Carolina IS THE ACC. Jordan played there, and just so many other great players played there."

Cameron's list, right now, is wide open, according to his coaches, but if you ask Cameron himself -- he's pretty quick to tell you that certain programs are looking rather good.

"Definitely North Carolina," he answered quickly, with an excitement in his voice. "And Georgia Tech. I like them a lot too. Tennessee, too."

Safe to say that those three are the leaders right now?

"Yeah, it's safe to call it like that," he replied.

For the season, Cameron figures his averages to be 24 points, 15-16 rebounds and six blocks per game. He plays in the 3A level in Alabama, which may help pad his stats a bit.

"Well, it is 3A, but we play mainly 5A and 6A level schools, so the competition is always bigger and talented."

Cameron is still up in the air about his summer plans, but says that he expects to suit up for the Atlanta Celtics.

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