UNC-GT: Roy Williams Quotes

Tar Heels head coach addresses the media following the game...

Opening Statement:
"Needless to say we don't feel very good right now. You have to congratulate Jarrett Jack and Tech. He made a big shot and they made a play when they had to make it. It's hard, I feel like I've been congratulating people for making big plays in games all year, so that part's not easy.

"In the first half we did not play well at all. We were just not any good on either end of the court, I felt very lucky to be only down three at halftime. In the second half, we got off to a good start and then they made their run and we were hanging around. We were down 11 and I really was pleased and impressed with my team, with the way they fought and made plays. They made shots, made steals, got offensive rebounds and played basketball the way I've seen us play for several times during the season.

"We didn't do a good enough job defensively to get somebody in Jarrett Jack's face on that last shot. It was a shot that he still had to make, but we didn't guard it the we would've liked to. We would've liked to have had someone in front of him so he could shoot it over their hands, but it wasn't there."

On the lack of balance:
"I'd like to have more balance. I look down and I see that Tech had five guys in double figures and one of those guys coming off the bench, that's a good positive. I think the best teams I've had in the past have had great balance.

"We had three guys do a great job, and a lot of times that's good enough, but I do think it would be more important if we had five guys that the other team would have to guard and play."

On the winning shot:
"We felt like we covered a couple things, but you know in basketball a lot of times broken plays are the best and big-time players have to make big-time plays on game day. I think that's what Jarrett Jack did. We felt like we had the good plan and felt like we defended what they wanted to do, but the kid still made a play."

On looking ahead to the NCAA Tournament:
"I wish I could put a finger on why we're not into it as much at certain times. In the first half, we're taking horrible shots and they're getting layups. At one point we put Jesse in and they had three straight possessions where they didn't get a layup because we got over the screen as we worked on all week. But if you're a competitive youngster and you've left something on the table throughout the season, in my mind, you better be darn sure there is nothing left on the table and I'm hopeful that my team will have that kind of attitude."

On defense of the last play:
"We thought they would set a screen on the ball because they had been so effective with that in the first half. We were switching everything on every screen. That was our plan. We didn't run the double team because if you do there is someone automatically open. We were trying to play straight man-to-man. We covered a couple of things. But a lot of times in basketball, broken plays are the best and big-time players have to make big-time plays. I think that's what Jarret did. We felt like we had a good plan, but they still made the play."

On the importance of the ACC Tournament and comments made earlier this week:
"I didn't say I didn't like the Tournament, I said I wasn't in love with it. When I got up the next day and read some of those articles, I was really quite surprised. I made a statement of fact that it wasn't as much fun as it was in the old days. Those of you who were there, know that is true. We were the granddaddy of them all. We were special and nobody else did it. Secondly, I said it was not as important. I don't think that should be taken out of context that Roy hates the Tournament. I don't think it's as important as it used to be because the only team that left out of here and went on to the NCAA Tournament was the winner. I've told every team that I've ever coached, that we're playing in the dad-gum thing and let's win it and have a great time while we're here. If I'm a fan, I love the Tournament, but I'm not a fan. I care about how North Carolina does."

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