UNC-GT: UNC Locker Room Report

Postgame comments from Sean May, Jawad Williams, Rashad McCants and Raymond Felton ...

Sean May

On the comeback and the final minute of play:
"We knew that we hadn't played the way we wanted to play in the first half. We kind of dug ourselves into a hole. Coach talked about, 'If you guys want to go home tonight then sit back and keep playing the way you want to play, but if you want to do something special then let's go out there and get this done.' We came out of the huddle with about 7:50 left on the clock with a lot more enthusiasm and a little more bounce in our step. We just got after it."

On his final two free throws:
"Every player sits at home and dreams about making the big free throws to win the game and I felt confident going to the line. I was actually happy I got fouled because I knew I could go up there and get two free throws. I went up there and shot the first one and I knew as soon as it left my hand that it was a little too hard. Raymond came to me and I told him don't worry about it I can hit this next one and we can go down and play defense. I hit the second one. But those two free throws weren't the reason we lost the game. The way we played in the first half, we just can't have that if we want to be the type of team that Coach wants us to be."

Jawad Williams

Is this the kind of game that you expected coming into the ACC tournament?
"Of course; games that go right down to the wire and big plays are going to win this game."

What were the team's thoughts heading into this game about what Georgia Tech had to offer and did you see, from them, what the team expected?
"Yes, we did. We knew that it would be a tough game, but we knew that we had the personnel. At the end, they just made a big play."

On the last play of the game:
"We were supposed to switch every screen, but somehow Jarrett Jack got wide open at the top of the key and knocked it down."

What does the team take from this defeat?
"A loss, simple as that. I don't believe in moral victories, we lost and now we have to go back to the drawing board and get ready to play."

Raymond Felton

How is your hip?

On the second-half rally:
"We showed great poise. We came back, we played together, we made big plays, and we started defending. That is how we came back. All we have to do is play forty minutes like that and we would have no problem. If we could have done that we wouldn't have lost the game today. It is our fault."

Where do you think the team lost the game?
"In the first-half, the way we played. We were behind, we were playing catch-up and in the second half we started playing better, but we were still behind and they were still hitting shots. We made that big run the last eight minutes and regained the lead, but with a team like that you can't play that way against them. You have to play all forty minutes. They hit a big shot at the end."

Rashad McCants Talk about the frustration to regain the lead and then to lose like that:
"It was frustrating to lose. To think about how hard we fought to come back and then to lose like that, it is a lost. It speaks for itself. No matter what we did to come back, we didn't win. It really doesn't matter."

Talk about how quickly you need to regroup to get ready for the NCAA tournament:
"I think that right now we are eager. We know that if we want to keep playing, we have to win."

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