UNC-GT: Paul Hewitt and Tech Players Quotes

Yellow Jackets head coach Paul Hewitt, and Jarrett Jack and Luke Schenscher addressed the media following the game ...

Opening statement:
"It is an outstanding win for our team. We beat a very, very good basketball team. With Felton hurting a little bit, and the rest of the guys were a little bit banged up, it would have been easy for them when they were down 11 to just pack it in and play for next week. They really stepped up their defense. They had us scrambling and took us out of our flow. It was an outstanding comeback on their part. As far as the last play is concerned, that was just a player bailing out a coach. The play we had set up got totally busted. He had the presence of mind to get the ball to Marvin Lewis and he moved to get open. He just made a play. That is something we work on all the time in individual instruction. It was just a totally busted play. He just bailed me out. Now we have the opportunity to play against another quality opponent tomorrow."

On Luke Schenscher:
"From my perspective he is the most improved player in this league. There were times last year when I would have to sit him down and tell him he was more frustrated with his play than I was. He is making good progress. We happened to have a kid in front of him that was the fourth pick in the draft. It was tough for him. I don't know if you guys remember, but at ACC Media Day, I told you we had as much depth, if not more depth in the frontcourt than anyone in this league. I'm glad he has made me look like I know what I'm talking about. He is a good player. I'm not surprised at his performance."

On Atmosphere of ACC Tournament:
"It is a great atmosphere for these players. You only get to go through this one time if you are a player. As coaches, we are going to be fortunate enough to coach a lot more games. I always remind our guys that this is the time to enjoy the moment. There was no better moment for this team, and, in particular, Jarrett Jack than what happened about 20 minutes ago."

Jarrett Jack

On the last play:
"We drew a play to try and get Isma'il Muhammada lob on the bask side. I didn't think he was quite open so I threw it to Marvin Lewis. I know the clock was ticking down, so I tried to give Marvin a passing angle. I went in there and made a play and luckily the shot went in. When I threw it in to Marvin they kind of left me. The defense was kind of scrambled and I just tried to find a way to get myself open and be able to make a play going to the basket."

On the game-winning shot:
"When it left my hand it looked good. It was on target, but I really didn't know it was in until after it went through the net."

On the feeling of hitting a game-winning shot:
This is what we all dream about. Coming to the ACC, playing in the big tournament, being the hero, and knocking down the shot to move your team on to the next round.

Luke Schenscher On his effort against Sean May:
: "I had a down game against Florida State, so I felt I had to come to this game and prove something to myself and my teammates. I knew I had to get back to that form that I had shown in the past. I just tried to get into that zone, concentrate on the game and nothing else. I was just there and active and doing what I needed to do."

On confidence going against Duke:
"We know they are going to come out hard since we beat them last time. It's going to be a real tough battle. They've won the most ACC titles, so they know what they're doing here. We've got to come out hard and get one on them."

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