Target 2005: Trey Brenner

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – East Chapel Hill linebacker/fullback Trey Brenner has been a UNC prospect since early in his junior year, but has flown low on most schools' radar because of the Wildcats' abysmal 5-17 record over the past two seasons. That is until now.

He has also played primarily in the shadow Wake Forest 2004 athlete signee Richard Belton, who accounted for nearly all of East's offense during his four years in high school.

But this is the year for Brenner to stand out under the tutelage of a new head coach.

Along with Carolina, over 40 other schools are pursuing him, including Virginia Tech, Miami, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Clemson, and N.C. State.

Last year Brenner registered a team-high 128 tackles – 15 for loss – forced five fumbles, had five sacks, two interceptions and three touchdowns. He was named to the All-County, All-Conference and All-Area teams in 2003. Brenner led his baseball team to the 2003 NCHSAA 3-A championship final as a sophomore.

"He's just a phenomenal athlete," former ECHS coach J.W. Montgomery said. "He's just a hard worker. He has great tenacity. Once he puts his mind to it, he's going to accomplish his goal one way or another."

Brenner is most excited about his invitation to the NIKE Camp in Charlottesville on April 18. Even though he is in the middle of baseball season, he trains on Sundays and after baseball practice four nights each week two-and-a-half hours with his strength and conditioning coach, so he can be prepared for all of the camps and combines.

"Right now my goal is to go to an ACC school for football and possibly baseball," Brenner said. "I was born in Chapel Hill and have been going to all the Carolina games since I was four. I guess I just know more about ACC schools so wanting to play at one seems better then a place I don't know anything about. Now that Virginia Tech and Miami are joining I'll visit those schools as well; and I think I'll check out Georgia, Florida and Tennesee.

"My best camp was at UNC," he said. "Coach [Jeff] Connors said I was outstanding at my jumping, running and agility tests and was way above the others at camp. Coach [Dave] Huxtable worked with me and said I had a great future ahead of me. He liked my work ethic and said I was very coachable.

"Coach [John] Bunting told me to keep Carolina my first choice."

"I doubt anyone works harder or is more committed than Trey," his father Bill said. "With his grades and SAT, he is a total package. While college coaches can't call for another month and a half you'd be surprised at the calls I do get regarding Trey's status for next year."

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