UNC Pro Day Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina senior pro prospects Bobby Blizzard, Michael Waddell, Dexter Reid and Jeb Terry talk to the media...

Bobby Blizzard

How did you feel it went out there today?
"My calf never really fully healed from the season. I think I did good enough, because a lot of teams knew about my calf already. So hopefully they didn't hold that against me. I think I did a good job today."

How do you feel about your draft status?
"I told my agent, don't even tell me any stuff about that. I just want to work hard and improve myself as much as possible. I don't want to know where I'm going, because it's liable to change everyday. So, I don't even want to know."

There are so many draft publications. Do you read all those?
"My family always tells me, ‘I heard this and that.' But I haven't been on the Internet since I got out of college. I graduated in December and I haven't even looked at a computer. That's what the Internet's for."

Now that you've been through the program, what do you think is the biggest reason North Carolina has placed so many players in the NFL?
"It's just the history of the school. I don't think it matters what coaches are here or anything like that. It's just the tradition this school always puts out athletes. So since this school has a history of putting a lot of people in the NFL, I think a lot of teams want to come here anyway and just to see what kind of talent is here."

Do you think because you were hurt during your senior year, that's going to be held against you? Or do you think people are going to revert back to what they were thinking about you before your senior year?
"I don't think they will hold that against me, but I didn't get a lot of games on tape – like four or five games, or something like that. A lot of seniors get a lot of games on film, so there going to have to look at a lot of my junior games when I had a real good season. Like I said, draft status could change every day, so I'm just going to leave it in the Lord's hands."

What's your best memory of playing football at North Carolina?"
"Just the team atmosphere…I came in here and met a lot of guys from where I grew up. Just the family atmosphere…I can always come back here. Good coaching staff, good fans; all that was great."

Michael Waddell

How do you think it went today?
"I felt pretty good. There were a couple of situations where I dropped a couple of balls that I wasn't real happy about, but overall I don't think I hurt myself."

Do you like it when you perform for the guys with the stopwatches?
"Oh yeah, it's an opportunity for me to excel and when I see them, I'm ready to go."

What was your better time today?
"I don't know. I heard from a coach – and we really don't know the actual time yet – but I heard my first time was a 4.24. They said I rolled out of my stance and didn't count it. The next one was a 4.3."

Have you ever raced Mike Mason?
"No, we haven't raced, but he's a pretty fast dude."

When you're timed that fast, can you hear a buzz among the scouts?
"I don't hear it, but I get the reaction from my fellow teammates. They'll say something like the scouts are over there and their eyes are real big."

Compared to the first day, or your final exams; how stressful has it been?
"I don't know; you can't explain it. It's stressful, but at the same time, it's exciting. There are a lot of people that don't get this opportunity to play."

What are the scouts telling you as to where they kind of see you in the NFL?
"I really haven't heard that much from them, but I think there are a couple of teams out there that would like to see me on kickoff returns. Also, they want me to work out at receiver for a couple of teams. So I hope that goes well."

A little ‘Champ Bailey action?'
[Laughs] "Yeah."

Have you heard anything about where you might be drafted?
"It really doesn't matter to me where I get drafted, I just want to get the opportunity to play. As long as I get the opportunity, I don't care who it's with."

Dexter Reid

How do you think it went today?
"Just wait and see. I don't know; I think I'm harder on myself than a lot of people are. I think I did average, but a lot of people think I did well. We'll just have to wait and see; time will tell."

What did you think you did well and what did you think you didn't do well?
"I think I vert[ticaled] well. The three-cone [shuttle]; I think I ran that OK."

Dexter, given the fact that now you've been through the program, what do you think is the biggest reason North Carolina has placed so many players in the NFL?
"You have to take your hat off to the coaching staff and the way they prepared the players – the assistant coaches and the strength and conditioning coaches…the way we practice and the way we train in the off-season to the way we perform in the weight room."

What's your fondest memory?
"I would have to say ‘bowling' – beating Auburn in the Peach Bowl."

I bet you'll remember that interception for a touchdown against Virginia, too.
"Well, that's an individual thing. I would probably have to say the Peach Bowl, Florida State and then the interception."

Do you keep an eye on the Internet [projections]?
"I haven't gone on the Internet since I started working out. I put in all the hard work – six days a week – to come out here today. It's in God's hands now."

But do you hear…?
"I don't believe all of what I hear or half of what I see. I don't get caught up in all that ‘He said, she said.'"

Jeb Terry

How do you think things went today?
"I had a great day. I was really happy with my performance today. I'm not sure what my times were, but I feel like I improved on things. I did everything at the combines, but I came out here with a number to shoot for. That's what's helped me in my training for the past three weeks. I had decent numbers at the combine, but I felt that they could be better. So coming out here and going against my numbers…I think I had a great day."

What are the scouts telling you they like about you and what are they telling you that you need to keep working hard on?
"They like my size and athletic ability, and they like the way I play – my tenacity on the field and things like that. I need to work on my pad level [staying lower] – that's been an issue for me at times, because I'm 6-6 and at guard that's kind of unusual. They also like my versatility. I can deep snap and play both sides. I have played some tackle as well. I'm just trying to put as many weapons in my arsenal as I can."

How's the deep snapping?
"It went good; some went better than others. I've been practicing it after the season and I did it in the Senior Bowl."

What do you think is the biggest reason North Carolina has placed so many players in the NFL?
"I think it's the professional manner in which things are run here. Coming to Carolina, you can't just breeze through school. You've got to be able to do one thing and another, and do it well. The way the administration handles things around here and also with Coach [John] Bunting's practices and the things of that nature…and running things like an NFL camp. And we see all those guys that are in the NFL here, and we aspire to that."

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