NCAA Practice: UNC Player Quotes

DENVER, Colo. -- Sean May and Rashad McCants addressed the media following practice.

Rashad McCants

On the difference this year:
"We have a different environment, a different coach and more mature players. Every one was very eager to grow as a team. It made every game different. We lost a lot of close games but we had many opportunities in a lot of games and if we had converted those we would be one of the top-five teams in the country."

On Air Force not being intimidated:
"Air Force is a very dangerous team. If you're a top-25 team, you won't be intimidated by us. They make hard cuts and use 35 seconds to get a shot off. It's frustrating to sit on defense for 35 seconds and let them do what they want. They're very intimidating but we can't be intimidated by them being hungry."

On a fresh start and no ACC play:
"I don't know if it is a positive or negative thing. The ACC is a great place to play. When you play against the best competition night in and night out, I don't think you want to adjust your play to anywhere else because it might be as hard. We are hungrier and want to dominate every team that we play. I think that it will be a mental challenge to get out of the ACC and know that every team will be coming for us because we play in a tough conference."

Sean May

On the altitude:
"For the most part, it's nothing that we're not used to. Rashad (McCants) and I played in the USA Youth Development Festival a few years back. We knew what to expect. After the first 10 minutes you are going to have a little burn in your chest but after that you just forget about it. Everybody's doing a good job of getting used to it. We can't worry about that tomorrow. Air Force is a quality basketball team and we are going to have to be ready to play and we can't have an excuse about the altitude."

On the difference this year:
"We have guys with a little bit more experience and a coaching staff that is one of the best in the country, in my opinion because of their preparation and passion for the game. This year we are all buying into what the coaches are saying. You can see a difference in the type of basketball that's being played out there, compared to last year. Last year we were really young and inexperienced and made a lot of freshmen and sophomore mistakes. This year we cut down on those but we still have a lot to learn."

On Air Force not being intimidated:
"Air Force is a great basketball team. They won their conference. They have a lot of great players that are interchangeable. They run a great offense and utilize everybody on their offense, which a lot of programs don't do. Everyone in that system just fits so well. Right now I feel we're the underdogs because we haven't been to the tournament in three years and we have a lot to look forward to. I don't think there is a team that is as hungry as us."

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