NCAA Practice: Roy Williams Quotes

DENVER, Colo -- UNC head coach addressed the national media following practice...

Opening statement:
"We are excited to be here like everybody else, it's a goal you set at the beginning of the season, and you want to be playing at your best coming into it. I'm not saying we are at the best, but we hope to take care of the little things, because Air Force has a unique style, which is hard to play against. We are excited and we know we have a big challenge in front of us."

On Air Force style of play:
"The way they play definitely concerns and worries us, because they are good at what they do. I think they will want a little lower scoring and lower possession, whereas we will want higher possession and higher score. It is extremely difficult to speed them up, so we need to be able to play at their tempo.We are concerned more with our defense against their offense, because it (Air Force Offense) is so unique with all their cuts and three point shooting. We need to be efficient on our offense so that our defense can give us a chance to win."

On starting Jackie Manuel over Melvin Scott:
"I will be starting Jackie tomorrow for several reasons. The change started against NC State, because it helped us match up better with their style of play. I would hate for them to both tell me they are tired at the same time."

On our consistency:
"If I knew what caused it I would change it, but our concentration lapses, and missing the little things that could become big things are not consistent. Eight of our last ten games we had a chance to win it with under a minute or so to either go ahead or tie, and that's painful. I think our concentration, attention to detail, and making plays are the kind of little things that will turn into big things."

On first season differences with Kansas and UNC:
"When I came into Kansas they were the defending national champions, and I was a guy no one had really heard of, but the kids gave me a chance. They were successful with Coach Brown, who was also from UNC, and it all worked out, because they believed in me also. This year, the kids were in a difficult situation because they had lost 36 games, there was a lot of turmoil, and human nature kicked in. I think it would have been abnormal if they had given me a chance right off the bat, and we struggled with trust in the beginning, but I think they trust me now."

On the difference between NC State and Air Force:
"NC State and Air Force are very similar, but Air Force is unique because they play their offense on every possession down the court. They (Air Force) are completely committed and devoted, and they believe that their discipline is going to beat you. I play golf and Tiger Woods plays golf, but there is a huge difference in the way we play. The difference between NC State and Air Force is not as great as the difference between me and Tiger Woods."

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