Air Force Coach Joe Scott Quotes

Falcons' coach addressed the media prior to Thursday night's game...

Opening statements:

"We have a very tough assignment. Carolina is a very talented team. They have three very talented players and we have to figure out how to play the game the way we need it to be played in order to giver ourselves a chance to win. If we can do the things we've done all year, like stopping them in transitions, we'll give ourselves a chance to win. WE have some staples in our program that we know we're good at and if we do those things tomorrow, then we are going to have our chances to win this game. I think it's like polar opposites and it's going o be the team who can dictate the way the game is going to be played."

On the intimidation of UNC:
"We don't really talk about that stuff. Both teams have players that are the same age and it's called competition. I have to believe that in this junction in their life and with the amount of basketball they've played, they don't care about what the jersey says. You have to believe that you are as good as anybody in the country. I know that my guys believe that because we won this conference and it is one of the best seven in the country. If anything, it will be the nervousness of the NCAA Tournament. I think it will be a good nervousness for our guys, because when we play well, we have a good nervousness to them and they are zeroed in on the things that they know are the staples of our program."

On deserving to be in the NCAA Tournament:
"We definitely deserve to be here; there's no doubt about it. My experience has been that we play the way we play for these exact games. If that wasn't the reason why, the maybe we would go out and do what everybody else in the country does. This game is the perfect example of the way we play. We've played it for 28 games and we've had guys that have played it for four ears and we have to go out there and execute. Believing in it and executing it are two different things. North Carolina will have a say in how we play. That is the sole focus of this basketball team."

On offense:
"I think North Carolina is going to do whatever they do to compete against us. Our No. 1 concern has to be doing what we do when we're playing the best that we can play. We've been in a lot of tough spots this year. Making North Carolina defend as long as we can is in the best interest of Air Force. If we're executing our game the right way, we're going to make North Carolina defend for a long time and run our offense. It is going to come down to whether or not we are going to be good at it."

On the loss to Colorado State:
"I didn't think we did anything well last week. It might have been our worst game of the season. I don't want to minimize what Colorado State did, but I don't think that we competed hard. We weren't zeroed in on the staples of our program. We didn't go into that game with a good tension, making sure we're god at the things we need to be good at. That's been the focus of our practices leading to this. We have a lot of mental memory and muscle memory for winning a lot of basketball games."

On the altitude:
"The altitude will be a factor if we can make it be a factor. If North Carolina comes out and has an easy time running up and down the court and scoring layups, then altitude will not be a factor. But, if we do our job and make it a really hard-fought game, then it can be a factor. In the last eight or four minutes of the game, if they have had to fight for every basket, altitude will come into play. Our job is to play hard so that any other factors in the building have a chance to help us."

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