UNC-AFA: UNC Locker Room

DENVER, Colo. -- Rashad McCants, Sean May, Melvin Scott and Jackie Manuel addressed the media following the game...

Rashad McCants

On the difference between winning and losing:
"We wanted it more. We were hungry. Our whole concept coming into the game is that we can't let any other team in the country be hungrier than we are."

How did this game help you for Saturday's match-up?
"It doesn't get any easier, but we can't make it any easier for them either."

Would you have rather played Princeton?
"It would have been OK, but they lost so we get whomever we have next. It really doesn't matter. We've got to be adjusted to whatever offense or defense is presented to us. We're ready for any kind of challenge."

The key to the game?
"The whole key to the game for us was dominating the boards."

What happened differently in the second half?
"We just wanted more than they did in the second half. We needed it. We didn't want to come down here and play one game."

Jackie Manuel

Were they better than N.C. State?
"Those guys played tough. They were disciplined, they were patient, they ran what their coach told them to run, and that made it tough."

Do you want to play against the Princeton-style offense again?
"No, no, not again. That's tough to guard. They move the ball, they cut hard and they run the shot clock down to five seconds. Not too many people like to play defense for 35 seconds. So that is what made it so tough."

What made the difference in the second half?
"We got the loose balls, we crashed the boards and we got easy shots. We were able to make some plays and open the game up. It felt great. I knew we were ready to play in the second half after seeing guys on the floor and hustling for loose balls."

Sean May

How tough was it tonight?
"We're glad it's over, because that team scares you. That team scares you when you see what they can do offensively and defensively. For a team like us that scores a lot, it was mentally frustrating. Coach just told us you've got to stay in it for the entire game."

Were you still able to have fun?
"It was fun – the NCAA atmosphere – none of us had ever been a part of it. It something that we'll always remember, but I'm glad that one is over and we got it."

Melvin Scott

How difficult was this team?
"It was very frustrating in the beginning, but I think we strapped up in the second half and made it uncomfortable for those guys."

On missing so many shots in the first half:
"Maybe it was the altitude or maybe it was our adrenaline, but we wanted every shot to go in. But once we calmed down and relaxed and got to those guys defensively, the offensive end came around."

On not starting:
"He had a nice rotation going in there. I appreciated that, because I got a free breather."

Whose idea was it to shave your heads? Was it yours?
"Hey, it's for the team. It's shows unity. I've got a funny shaped head. Anything to get us going and playing together, I'm all for it. When we get to the tournament next year, I'll shave it again. It was my idea. Everybody laughed and said, ‘If you shave your head, we'll shave ours.' When they saw my head and saw all of the wrinkles, they had to go through with it."

Who looks the funniest?
"It has to be me."

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