UNC - Wake: Bunting Postgame Quotes

"Two weeks ago we played at Clemson and it was one of the most complete games I've ever been around in my entire career as a player or a coach. Today was perhaps the most complete collapses I've ever been around. It's disappointing. That's what I told the team. Give Wake Forest a lot of credit for hanging in there for 60 minutes. The inconceivable happened in the second half. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would play like that. And once again, it all comes down to it's a 60 minute game, a lot of things can happen. Balls get tipped, balls get put on the ground, ball rolls one way, things get called this way or that way and all of a sudden you are in a dogfight. They won the fight.

"We just really fell apart in the second half. It's a ballgame we've got totally under control in the second half. We moved the ball well. My last words to the team as we went out to start the second half were no penalties, ball security and let's keep playing good defense like we've been doing. Guys were talking about shutouts and the next thing you know we have a penalty and then we put a ball on the ground.

"It's a matter now of what we want to do. I'm disappointed for our team. I'm disappointed for our staff. I'm disappointed for the University of North Carolina. I'll take my full resposibilty for it. This is a really big, big missed opportunity.

On reverses:
"It was part of their game plan. It really hurt us in the red zone a couple of times. They scored on two of them."

Second half collapse:
"I've never seen anything like that in my life. I'm absolutely shocked by it. There are absoulutely no excuses. I guess we all did not figure out a way how to come up with a play or two to stop one of those drives. There were a lot of interesting plays for sure."

Inability to stop the run:
"We stopped the run in the first half, but we did not stop the run at all in the second half. We did not stop the ball at all down at Georgia Tech. There is something to be said for our inability to stop the ball in the second half two weeks in a row. I'm tired of it."

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