NCAA Friday: UT coach Rick Barnes

DENVER, Colo. -- Barnes addressed the media prior to Saturday's game with UNC.

Opening statement:
"When you think of UNC, you think of a very explosive team. They're a team that has gone through a tough schedule this year and will be ready to play."

"They are an outstanding offensive team. I don't think we have played against another team this year as athletic as they are."

On Brandon Mouton and Brian Boddicker:
"They work really well together. They love getting on one side of the floor and playing off each other. Brandon gets a lot of attention from the defense. He does a good job of moving the ball and he really knows how to get himself open and create separation from his man. Brian steps out and people are so concerned with him shooting the ball that he opens up the court. Both are very smart players and they have a good understanding of the game. When they get going together and making shots and plays, we're playing our best basketball."

On bringing Kenton Paulino back into the starting lineup:
"After T.J. Ford decided to go to the NBA, we went into the off-season thinking that Kenton has to play that position. He's not a natural point guard, but he has a nice fell and great pace with the ball. He worked hard in the summer and he as a great future. We decided to put him back in because he was dominating in practice. He has done really well, and in the second half of yesterday's game he gave our guys confidence."

On coaching experience:
"Experience helps. I gained my experience by sitting alongside of other coaches. Every guy starts in different ways. At this point, the key is getting you guys ready to play and hope that things will go well for you."

On playing North Carolina:
"I have great respect for UNC. They have been very consistent for many years. I don't think there's a better compliment than calling a team consistent and always being there year in and year out."

On Brandon Mouton:
"Brandon is a tough guy who won't back down. He is not afraid to fail and this is his best trait. He will face anybody in the arena and he is not afraid to be good."

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