Williams: 'I want it more than anything'

DENVER, Colo. -- UNC coach talks about Saturday's game with Texas...

Opening Statement:
"We are excited to be here, and we're happy to be one of the 32 teams left in the tournament. Texas will be a big time challenge for us, and I think they have done a fantastic job playing without T.J. Ford this year. Everyone has pulled together as a team, and Texas finished second in the conference this year. Rick (Barnes) has done a fantastic job, and I have a great deal of respect for him and the rest of their squad."

On UNC lacking the tournament experience of Texas:
"I think the game will be decided by the players, Roy Williams won't do anything fantastic and Rick Barnes probably won't do anything fantastic. The challenge for us will not only be their experience but their depth as well. I don't know that a coach can do anything to counteract that. We just have to find a way to play well."

On winning in the first round:
"It was huge for us and it remains to be seen how much it helps us down the line. There were two feelings in the locker room, a sense relief and exhilaration. They guys were kind of giddy."

On familiarity with Texas as an advantage:
"It is definitely better than if we were playing someone we didn't know as well, but once again, it's the NCAA Tournament. I allow my assistants to look at the two teams we may play against, but I didn't even look at Texas' tape until early this morning. I don't like to overload my players, because I think I should let them play. It helps to be familiar, but I don't like to give my guys too much."

On Sean May:
"The biggest factor for us will be how we handle the number of people Texas will throw at him. Our true test will be to keep Sean out of foul trouble, and for our boys to step it up."

On winning a championship:
"My relationships are more important than any ring, trophy, or moment, but I would be the first to admit I want it more than anything."

On impressions of last night's game:
"I love to compete, and I was really impressed with our game last night. We were down five points and everything was against us. It was a true road game, and our guys were tough enough to compete harder in the second half, and I always hope that is the kind of thing they will do."

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