UNC-UT: UNC Locker Room Report

Rashad McCants, Jawad Williams and Raymond Felton addressed the media following the game...

Rashad McCants

On the last shot of the game:
"I thought my foot was on the line, but at the same time, I was trying to get away from the defender."

On the season:
"I thought it was a very interesting season. I never expected it to end like this. The games were so close and we won or lost because of one possession, whether due to a box out, a turnover or a foul. I wouldn't say it is frustrating, because we learned from it. I think coming back next year, we are going to be a lot more determined and focused on the little things."

Jawad Williams

On when Sean May got in foul trouble:
"The game changed a lot. Sean is one of the better rebounders on our team. It was tough to battle with some of their bigger players when Sean wasn't in there."

On tournament experience and how it will help next year:
"We lost this game on a few possessions. We have to take this and build on it now that we know how to win an NCAA Tournament game."

On the season:
"It was stressful. We had our ups and downs. We didn't do a good job of staying consistent with our attitude. We were either too high on ourselves or too low on ourselves."

Raymond Felton

On the progress made during the end of the season:
"We came a long way as a team. Tonight was a hard loss. We are all upset, but we have to try and build on the things we were doing. We came back and were in a position to win and it just didn't fall our way. We will just try to improve for next year."

On the season:
"This season was bumpy, but at the same time I enjoyed it. I love playing for Carolina. This is the only school I wanted to play for. We had our big wins and upsetting losses, but at the same time we fought back."

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