UNC-Wake - Players Comment on loss

Metts, Thornton, and Sims comment on the loss

Ryan Sims


They just out-played us in the second half. 


They were killing us with the reverses.  I mean, that's what hurt us; a lot of guys were staying at home and just weren't playing fundamental football.  It is just basics, and we didn't play basic football and that is why we lost. 


A lot of things we were giving them, because we weren't staying at home, we weren't playing just basic fundamentals.  That will get you beat, every time in the fourth quarter.


It's a gut check.  Last week, I thought that would wake a lot of guys up and get them ready to play.  Obviously that didn't work.  What we are we going to from now.  We have to step up.


It is devastating.  I mean it's a tragedy. We didn't need to let it get that close.


I can't believe it right now.  They scored thirty-two points in the second half on us. 


Guys weren't just doing their assignments, the coaches were putting us in a position to makes plays, and we were missing tackles, just basic football.


When you get beat and you are out-schemed and out-coached, there is not much you can do about it.  But when you are put in a position to make a play and you don't make, then that falls upon yourself and you have to assume responsibility.


You have to credit Wake Forest too, I mean they beat us, they played good football, and they beat us in the fourth quarter when it counted.


Adam Metts


This just goes to show you that this is a sixty-minute game, anything can happen, and you have to play to the end.


Everybody was kind of surprised at first when they scored their first fourteen points.  But we came back and scored again, so we thought we would be able to battle it out with them.


And then they just kept scoring.


Then that incident down there in the end zone.  We were three-and-out, and couldn't get anything to muster up towards the end.  Bad snap or whatever. 


That kind of hurt, but we then were coming back again. 


We were moving the ball well.  They brought a couple blitzes; we got them, we got the ball off.  I thought we had a shot to get a good field goal.  Jeff Reed is a great kicker.  I thought we were going to about to pull this one out.  I mean honestly, everybody did.  Offensively we were motivated to go out there and play.


David Thornton


Our offensive team is playing so much better right now.  You definitely feel that with 24-points, with our defense, the talent that we have as unit, you don't think that anyone would be able to come back and overcome such a deficit. 


But you know, like I said, it is sixty-minute season ballgame.  You got to play hard; you got to play fast for sixty minutes. 


It has been a roller-coaster.  Down in beginning, we got up in the middle, and now it seems like in November it is like we are slipping; it is like we are beating ourselves, jumping offsides. Pretty much just stupid penalties that are just hurting our team.


What we have to do is just keep fighting and remember what we did when we were on that five-game win streak, how we played for sixty minutes, and don't give in to the grind; and let up at any point in the ballgame. It is a sixty minute game, you got to give it all you got each play, every rep.


Football is simple.  Know your alignments, know your responsibilities, and get it done.


I definitely feel like our offense had a chance to get a drive going.  Things happen; that the special teams play, I don't even know what happened.  I don't know where it went.


It's football, it's a complete game.  We just got to keep fighting and bounce back.


I don't know if [Bunting] was mad or angry. He think he was so disappointed and heartbroken by this loss, because it has got to hurt anybody that has a passion and a love for this game to see this one slip away, it has to hurt. 


We have a great team, the talent, the skill, it is all there we just have to play hard and play together.






















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