Curry: 'It's a wait and see thing'

RICHMOND, Va. -- It has been a tumultuous two months for UNC signee JamesOn Curry, with his arrest bringing nationwide attention and putting his scholarship in doubt. <I>Inside Carolina</I> was able to speak with Curry after his MVP-winning performance at the Commonwealth Classic.

"I thought I played well today, as well as I could after not playing organized ball for a month and a half," Curry said, after posting 23 points, 8 assists, 2 rebounds and 4 steals on Saturday evening. "I tried to get the ball to my teammates in a position where they could score, because there are so many talented players in this game."

While Curry's play would otherwise have been the center of attention, the eventual resolution of his legal woes (multiple drug charges) and the impact the incident will have upon his planned matriculation at UNC in the fall is one of much debate and speculation.

"I don't know," Curry said. "They said that once it is all over that I'll know, but for now I just don't know. I haven't spoken with [the UNC staff], but my parents have one time after it happened. They spoke with the coaches and it is all basically a wait and see thing."

While the setting of Curry's future endeavors hangs in the balance, he is working hard on his game and trying to keep his spirits up.

"I'm doing all I can to get better. I work out with my little brother, everything I do he does and we work really hard. I play in pickup games and just try to do everything I can to get better," Curry said. "I'm going to try to start working out with a trainer up here in Richmond who has worked with LeBron James, to get help with the little things that I can't do myself, and see where that goes."

How, then, are the actual proceedings coming? How is Curry coping with the stress of a fractured public image, a community brimming with questions, and a transition to an alternative school environment so close to graduation?

"My court date is April 5, and I hope everything will be all right. I'm not talking about the specifics of anything, just trying to keep my head up and focus on the things I can do and the things I can change rather than the ones I can't," Curry said.

There has been speculation that Curry would attend a preparatory school for a season, but the idea is one that he hopes isn't needed.

"Only if I have to, man, only if I have to," was Curry's response when the issue of prep school was raised.

Despite the drama that surrounds his situation, Curry remained his usual upbeat self and his performance on the court certainly showed no ill-effects from the time away from organized play. It was in all truth one of his more impressive performances in an all-star setting.

Curry featured behind the back passes, strong control of the ball in the open court, and a willingness to take the ball to the hole and draw contact that has become the stalwart of his play this season en route to his 23 points and 8 assists.

What, then, does Curry see in his immediate future?

"I just don't know -- but we'll all know soon enough, and I'm hopeful," he said.

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