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A few minutes later, when the usually gregarious Scott finally did grant an interview, his answers came in short murmurs punctuated by sniffles. "It hurts bad because I wasn't there for my team," he said. "I didn't do nothing when they needed me. If I'd have made shots in the beginning, the game wouldn't have been like that."
Tar Heels can't face the end
Daily Tar Heel

"I expect to have all of them back -- I really do, ... And I'm hopeful that they'll hurt long enough throughout the spring and summer and fall to make that commitment to make their individual games better -- and to be willing, from the first game on, to make our team better."
Williams looking to next season
Raleigh N&O

"Next year is going to be one of those years where a lot of people know we're going to win a lot of games," McCants said. "In 10 out of our 11 [defeats], we should have won. I think that everybody that played us knows it, everybody that watched us knows it, that our lack of focus and our concentration down the stretch lost us games."
Rocky place to end rocky UNC season
Durham H-S

"I thought it was a very interesting season," McCants said. "I never experienced anything like that as far as the ups and downs, the games being so close between us winning and losing. Coming back next year, we'll be a whole lot more determined and focused on the little things."
After disappointing season, Heels see hope for next year
Greensboro N&R

"I've asked David Noel all year long at 6-5 1/2 to play guys that are 6-8, 6-9," Williams said. "We've been undermanned. We had some very unrealistic expectations because people aren't very realistic."
UNC plagued by inconsistency
Fay. Observer

"I expect to have all them back, I really do," he said, his eyes still red with tears. "A week ago, Sean May said that nobody on our team should even think about (leaving early for the NBA). He's not ready. He's not even thinking about it. And yet, his name was included as somebody who's possible."
Tar Heel trio should stay in school
Fay Observer

"There was only one game all year where we weren't in the game with a minute to go and that was at Clemson," Smith said. "I know it was frustrating for Roy at times, but we're close, very close."
Dean of Coaching, Still Making Rounds
Washington Post

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