Jason Fraser update

Contrary to reports over the past couple days in the <I>New York Post</I>, Jason Fraser is not close to making a decision.

The New York newspaper reported that Fraser was no longer considering St. John's in its Saturday edition and then contradicted itself less than 24 hours later, saying that sources now said the Amityville High big man was still looking at the Red Storm.

Lenn Robbins also wrote that Fraser will "almost surely announce he's going to Villanova in the next few days."

Fraser just laughed at the report.

"When I know I'm going to make my announcement, I'll do it right away and won't wait long," said Fraser, who denied that he is set to make a decision this week. "Now that I'm done with my visits, I'm going to go to school, get ready for my senior season and relax. My choice will just hit me one day. I have faith that it will."

The truth of the matter is that, while St. John's is in a group along with North Carolina and Louisville that trails Villanova, Mike Jarvis' club hasn't been ruled out just yet.

"Those who know me know that if I'm not interested, I'll say it," Fraser said on Sunday after returning from his official visit to St. John's. "We have Monday off from school and I haven't had a weekend to just hang out in six weeks. Do you think I'm going to go somewhere that I don't like and I'm not considering?"

Fraser opted to skip Friday night's team dinner at the ESPN Zone and made the one-hour drive from home on Saturday instead, joining St. John's recruits Elijah Ingram and Tim Doyle for the exhibition game against the Harlem Globetrotters.

After dinner, the diehard New York Knicks fan took in his first live Knicks game on Saturday night with the team. It wasn't very successful as Sprewell & Co. went down to the hands of the Golden State Warriors.

Fraser wasn't even 100 percent certain he needed to take the visit to St. John's until he came back from his trip to Louisville earlier this month. Fraser said that he already knew everything he needed to know about the New York college, and both his mother, Edmaric, and his uncle, Paul, weren't highly in favor of him taking the short trip since they both prefer he go elsewhere.

"Before they didn't want me to go," Fraser added. "But then they were alright with it."

Fraser's mother was pro-North Carolina for much of the recruiting process, but the outspoken senior said that isn't necessarily the case nowadays.

"That's false now," he said. "She preferred me to go to Carolina before, but she hasn't said much lately because she likes Villanova and Louisville a lot, also."

Even though he has a great deal of respect for his mother, Fraser maintains that he won't be swayed by anyone.

"I don't let anyone influence me anymore," Fraser said. "But obviously I'd like to get some guidance and approval from my mother."

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